13 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With Little Money and Make It Look Beautiful!

13 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room With Little Money and Make It Look Beautiful!

It is always very attractive to be able to transform the decoration of the different spaces of the house, especially in these days of renewal with the arrival of a new year. But we also know that at the beginning of the year, we find ourselves a little spent of money, and we do not always have additional resources to invest in new and expensive decorations.

That’s why, in today’s article by a college paper writing service, we will show you 13 rooms decorated with little money but with many inspiring ideas.

Join us to see them.

1. Cushions + textiles + books

In this design, we can see a good variety of ideas to decorate the living room with little money. To begin with, we will talk about the textiles in the decoration; the cushions, rugs, curtains, and blankets that we place in the living room have a very powerful visual power in the decoration and bring more warmth to the environment.

Another idea that we can highlight from this project is the decoration of the coffee table. If you do not know what objects to place on the surfaces of the tables in the living room, the ideal is to place books; in addition to giving a refined touch to the space, it can be a pretext to start a very interesting conversation with your guests.

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2. Shelves

Shelves are very attractive and functional elements for the living room. With them, we can dress and decorate the walls in a simple way as well as facilitate the organization of accessories, especially if our living room is small and we need to make the space more versatile.

3. Photo murals + candles + recycled furniture

In this room, we can also see that you don’t need to invest large amounts of money to have a beautiful and cozy room. Here, we have at the bottom of the image a photomural, which, like wallpaper, is an economical way to decorate the walls, but with a special touch by having images of landscapes, perfect for rooms without windows or small. 

Candles are charming pieces of decoration because they are warm magical and transform the energy of the room. 

Suppose you really want to save as much as possible. In that case, the idea of recycling old furniture or buying some pieces at flea markets is fantastic because you will give the room’s decoration a unique personality.

4. Wainscoting + entertainment center + paintings

The living room usually contains the television screen, being the meeting point par excellence for family members. To transform the look of the decoration, you can cover one of the walls in wood to add more warmth and elegance and place the TV screen on it. 

If the living room is very small, you can make the most of the space behind the sofa and have a shelf on which to display beautiful paintings or photographs.

5. Photographs + lights + accessories

Depending on the decorative style you want to represent in your living room will be the choice of accessories that configure it. In this project, we see that on a wall have been framed photographs; photographs are great for decorating the living room, whether you have some favorite images or you print your own and design a small gallery in your home.

Lighting is always a factor of great importance, and in this design, fresh and youthful pieces have been placed that bring a relaxed personality to the room, as well as the choice of decorative figures on the coffee table.

6. Mirrors + shiny surfaces

Mirrors are elements that add a lot of aesthetic value to a room. Through them, we can generate the feeling of spaciousness and greater luminosity in the space. If we add pieces with shiny surfaces, such as the coffee tables, the room will feel light and with sensational decoration without having to invest a lot of money.

7. DIY

Perhaps the most economical way to decorate the house is to make certain pieces by ourselves that give a unique touch to our decor. Wooden pallets are the ideal option to achieve this; with them are made tables, chairs, beds, sofas, etc. In this project, we see that a wall section has been covered to give it more prominence, matching the coquettish coffee table.

8. Plants

Undoubtedly, plants have an impressive ability to transform the look of any space in which they are located, so they are also a favorite to decorate the house’s living room without the need to spend fortunes to beautify the environment.

9. Color + contrast

One of the simplest and most economical ways to change the decoration of the living room is with a change of color on the walls. The result is immediate and surprising. For an even more powerful effect, you can place accessories in contrasting colors like the deep blue and touches of vibrant yellow on white. 

10. Lamps

The lamps can not be missed in the room’s decoration, so it is worth investing even in a couple of them that are aesthetic, attractive, and functional for the environment. In this room, we see that three very interesting light points have been placed: on the wall covered in acrylic, on the ceiling, and on the round floor lamp. 

11. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are very interesting in decoration since they generate the feeling of breadth and depth in spaces.

In this living room, we see that it has been chosen to play with circles and lines in most of the pieces of the room, making it dynamic and original. 

12. Wallpaper + light + color

This living room combines sober colors such as gray coming from the main wall covered with wallpaper, which in turn has some illuminated shelves inside, enhancing the beauty of the wall.

To achieve a sensational and modern contrast, the room has vibrant and cheerful colors in the cushions and some accessories, such as pink metallic vases.

13. Change things up

And if, at the end of the day, you find that all the elements that make up the design of your living room look perfect and are still to your liking, but you feel a little bored with how it looks, change things around; move the furniture, change the wall pictures, the lamps, in short, rearrange our spaces, it also makes them look completely different and with new energy.

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