How to Choose the Right Curtains For Your Living Room

How to Choose the Right Curtains For Your Living Room

The majority of time spent relaxing at home is within the four walls of the living room. Therefore, this space needs to be visually pleasing with décor guided primarily by comfort. A big part of this is which curtains hang on the window, and it dictates more than meets the eye. Here’s how you can make this major decision easily.

How to Choose the Right Curtains For Your Living Room
How to Choose the Right Curtains For Your Living Room 4


Consider How the Sunlight Impacts the Room

When you sit on the couch or try to watch your show on the TV, how does the sunlight affect your relaxation time? Depending on where your house is built and which position it faces, the sun might be shining directly through into your living room. This can impact your enjoyment, comfort, and capacity to unwind or concentrate. So, this should be a top focus when deciding on curtains because you may need a thicker material, longer length, or UV protection for the material to avoid color fading or general damage. 

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Think About Privacy

Privacy is another major priority when it comes to how you feel in your personal space. It is never an ideal situation when you are trying to sit back and recalibrate but you have passersby looking in through your window. The type of curtain you pick can also mean the difference between potential home invaders casing out your property or having their visual blocked. 

Pick a Color Scheme

Color is an important decision that can make or break any living area. It has to fit in with the rest of the décor, for instance, your furniture and wallpaper, and also lift the mood of the space instead of bringing it down. Opting for a custom linen curtain is often a great way to ensure that the color is exactly what you want it to be, and your aesthetic vision is not compromised in any way. 

Pick Between Patterned and Plain

The eternal question of whether to opt for a plain set of curtains or give into a pattern continues to this day. Homeowners everywhere debate whether a pattern would boost the room or give them a headache, and the most popular choice is yet to be determined. It is an entirely personal decision, and it is useful to trust your gut instincts because this will lead you where you need to be. 

Thoughts on Length

The length of a curtain is important for things like keeping a room warm, the general vibe, and maintenance factors too. Generally, living rooms favor longer-length curtains which can be drawn together and create a cozy vibe throughout the area. These rooms are made for relaxing and channeling peace, after all, so your curtains have to fit in with this vibe. Shorter curtains in a living room may make it feel more exposed and less finished, and ruin the temperature control in this key area. 

So, your curtains dictate a lot from how a room feels in general to the way you feel when you are inside of it. There are endless options out there to explore, so the key is to figure out your color scheme and use this as a guide for the other criteria. 

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