Construction managment functions and responsibilities

Construction Manager Job Description | Construction Manager Duties | Construction Manager Responsibilities

Construction management is one of the crucial roles to play in any construction project. There are various construction management duties in project handling, execution, and completion within a time limit.

There are projects or construction managers in the project, and they have fully responsible for the overall success and development of any project, leading a project from start to finish. It is a team of numbers of executive people like engineers, owners, the project manager who has the responsibility of planning, executing construction projects till it complete.

In this article, we have described the role, responsibility, and construction manager job description in project work.

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What Is Construction Management?

construction management functions
Construction Management

Construction management is a tool that controls planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. It is also known as “Construction project management”.

Every project needs to minimize the cost of the project while maintaining the quality of the project. The primary purpose of construction management is to control a project’s delivery, price, and quality.

Construction Manager Job Description

It is a service where organizations provide effective management of a project’s schedule, budget, quality, safety, the scope of work, and function from the date it started until it’s finished. Construction Management has the responsibility of the company, owner, and project work.

Following are the Construction management duties

  1. Project Planning.
  2. Organizing Work
  3. Risk Management
  4. Risk Management
  5. Resource Management
  6. Dependencies, Milestones, and Critical Path
  7. Managing Project Cost
  8. Managing Project Time
  9. Managing Human Resource
  10. Managing Communications
  11. Managing the Quality
  12. Managing Contract and Procurement
  13. Managing Project Integration
  14. Directing Employees
  15. Monitoring Construction
  16. Complete Coordination

1. Project Planning

Project planning is the most crucial Construction Management Functions.  Project planning is to do before starting any other work. Planning is essential to work to perform, which gives an idea about project size, duration, resources, and workforce required to complete any project work. 

Project managers must have to plan labour tasks and estimate the duration of each activity. The time required to complete various activities helps in project planning and fixing the length of the project. Without proper planning, no plan will within a given time frame.

2. Organizing Work

The project manager has to organize different activities and tasks of the project according to resource availability. Organizing is essential for the proper functioning of the project so that no work delay happens in construction. It is necessary for the smooth running of project activities. It is one of the important Construction Management Functions

3. Risk Management

Risk is one of the uncertain conditions in project management. There is lot of uncertainty in managing each project. From the start of project work, there is a chance of unexpected situations all the time, leaving significant impacts all the time. Therefore, the project manager needs to plan risk management to minimize any potential problems that may impact a project’s timeline. Your system should be able to identify and manage risks in the project plan for project managers to calculate all risks in advance.

4. Resource Management

Resource allocation planning is the process that describes what type of resource is needed and at what time that is critical for resource management. The project manager needs to use a tool that offers resource management. Resource planning is an essential task of every project that will make aware of the total project cost and other related things. Therefore, resource management planning is necessary to calculate expenditures and distribute well the tasks along.

5. Dependencies, Milestones, and Critical Path

There are lots of tasks and activities connected. In such a situation, jobs cannot be done separately from each other. It is essential to have operations planning tools where you can define all the development stages of a project, offering task dependencies. Also, deciding bench at some points in a project will make sure if your plan is moving in the right direction. It is a prime construction management function.

6. Managing Project Cost

Cost management is also an essential task for constriction management. There are many questions to be asked while doing cost management. How many funds required to complete the project? How to these fund will come? How to utilize this fund efficiently? The construction project manager should keep a record of all costs and expenditures to then high management and donor.

8. Managing Project Time

it is an essential construction management functions. Time management of a project is essential to complete the project on time. It includes project planning, scheduling, and controlling to achieve the established goals objectives of the project. Time and cost management are two key factors that will decide the overall success of the project.

9. Managing Human Resource

It refers to the administration and management of people involved in a project. For high and accurate productivity and work, project management should hire qualified people, and then proper motivation and compensation should be given to them.

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10. Managing Communications

It refers to the establishment of a system by which the information should flow smoothly through all members of the project.

11. Managing the Quality

It is essential to establish quality standards for the project, and then necessary steps should be taken to ensure that the goals and objectives are achieved.

12. Managing Contract and Procurement

It includes selecting, negotiating, and awarding orders and administrating procurement of material equipment.

13. Managing Project Integration

It is one of the important construction management functions. The project manager should ensure that each function and activities are running in a project that should be integrated toward the same goals and objectives. The integration of the project is crucial to achieving the goals and objectives.

14.  Directing Employees

The aim is to address employees about how they should execute the task.

15. Monitoring Construction:

The main objectives of construction control include:

a. Keep updated with actual work is going on construction site.

b. Always check the quality of work, material expenses and use of machines

This is important construction management functions.

16. Complete Coordination

Coordination is an essential facet of construction so that apt information is available at the right time to the right person.

Construction Management Responsibilities

Construction management is in charge of building sites. Their responsibilities vary depending on the project and company, but here are some of their most common responsibilities:

  • Managing costs: it included fixing a budget and ensuring that they complete the project within their financial expectations.
  • Quality assurance: Construction managers make sure that subcontractors and contractors are completing their tasks entirely and up to codes and regulations.
  • Contract oversight: These professionals ensure that contracts are fulfilled and that everyone involved in the deal is satisfied with the project. This could include giving time and financial quotes for changes that the client requests.
  • Safety management: The project manager needs to ensure safety and try to minimize hazards on construction sites for employee safety. Also, keep an eye on team members carefully that they are following the safety regulations and guidelines on the website.
  • Communication: As project leaders, the project manager should keep excellent communication with workers as her first contact for everyone involved, and they ensure that everyone is informed about expectations and changes.

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