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Economical House Renovations: 5 Tips for Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Upgrades

Some home renovations are more budget-friendly than others, but that shouldn’t mean homeowners and their families can’t add some touches of luxury without spending a fortune and, thankfully, it doesn’t.

Sticking to a strict budget just requires some extra creativity and planning. Read on to learn five tips for beautiful and economical house renovations that will help.

1. Find the Right Contractor

It generally costs less to work with a renovation contractor capable of making all the changes a homeowner wants than it is to hire either a general contractor or multiple highly specialized experts.

Homeowners interested in exterior renovations can visit superiorpro.com. Otherwise, ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations, check local listings sites, and do some homework by reading through reviews and checking out portfolios before signing on the dotted line.

2. Keep the Scale Manageable

While it might be nice to renovate the entire home at once to avoid multiple disruptions, it costs a small fortune to schedule a full home renovation.

Keeping the scale of the renovations more manageable can also help to keep them under budget. Instead of renovating an entire room, consider replacing one element at a time.

Try to focus on the most important elements of the room being renovated. For a kitchen, that might mean replacing the countertops but leaving the fixtures in place for now if they’re still working as intended or updating the flooring in the living room but leaving the furniture in place.

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3. Know When to DIY

Not all home renovation projects are DIY-friendly, and it’s generally best to leave full renovations to the pros.

That said, smaller projects that don’t pose safety risks can often be performed at home, which saves money on labor. Examples of these kinds of projects can include:

  • Adding wainscoting or trim to walls or ceilings
  • Painting old furniture to give it new life
  • Changing the decor
  • Installing wallpaper to create an accent wall
  • Switching to kitchen roll-outs instead of shelves in cabinets

Just keep in mind that, as a general rule, any project that requires working with electricity, moving plumbing fixtures, or tearing out entire rooms should not be undertaken by anyone without industry experience.

4. Focus on Focal Points

When people walk into a room for the first time, all of them typically notice the same objects, fixtures, or features right away. That’s because they are the focal points of the room.

In living rooms, the focal points may be mantles or fireplaces. In dining rooms, they might be chandeliers. Even windows can act as focal points.

Start by identifying the focal points in each room. Focusing on upgrading these areas will offer maximum aesthetic appeal for a minimal investment.

Find inspiration online or check out some home remodeling magazines for ideas.

5. Upgrade the Lighting

In some cases, home renovations can save money. Upgrading lighting fixtures to use LED bulbs or changing the window treatments to allow more natural light in can help to keep energy bills low, which will eventually offset the cost of the renovations. When possible, stick with plug-and-play fixtures instead of hiring an electrician.

Start Brainstorming Now

Careful planning is the key to beautiful and economical home renovation projects. Start brainstorming now by checking out ideas online, reading through some magazines, and investigating local contractors.

That way, when it’s time to get started, all of the pieces will already be in place and it will be easier to stay under budget.

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Which Tips make a Beautiful and Economical House?

1. Find the Right Contractor
2. Keep the Scale Manageable
3. Know When to DIY
4. Focus on Focal Points
5. Upgrade the Lighting

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