Furnishing A New Home Checklist

15 Furnishing A New Home Checklist | 15 Essential Furniture For A New Home

Furnishing A New Home Checklist

Planning to move or upgrade your house, furniture works as an effective element in the interior of a house. Just after you have checked on all of your basic utilities, you might need Furnishing A New Home Checklist. Regardless, of the house you own, here are a few must-have pieces of furniture for your house.

A. Living Room Essential Furniture’s Checklist

As per its definition, A living room also called a hall or drawing room, is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing.

The living room is a space where one can de-stress and spend time with family and friends. This is why its furniture essentials should fulfill the needs that are comfort and relaxation. Thus, a living room should include the following furniture:

1. Sofa

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Sofas For Living Room

The first and most significant part of the living room is the sofa. Sofa often takes up the most room; therefore it must fit properly in the space. choosing the appropriate size and shape for your house is very important.

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2. Coffee Table

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Coffee Table For Living Room

A coffee table or a center table is another most salient piece of furniture in your living room. It holds trays, elements of your decor, magazine, remote controls or just one could lay down their legs. It could serve your different needs.

 3. Rugs

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Rugs for Living Room

A rug should be added to a living room to have a homey feel into our space that looks more warm and welcoming. A rug should be an area rug or accent rug selected as per the space and design of the room.

4. Accent Chairs

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Accent Chairs For Living Room

Adding chairs to the living room is a great option. It could provide more seating space for guests. But, accent chairs should be added, after selecting the sofa. It should complement the sofa and your living room should not look confined.

5. Throws and Pillows

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Throw Pillows for Living Room

Throw blankets and pillows are essential accessories in the living room. There’s nothing like cozying up to lay down on the couch on a dull day. A good selection of pillows and throw blankets could add character to the dull couch or chair.

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 6. Curtains

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Curtains for Living Room

Curtains and drapes are available in different varieties of styles. Curtains add a sense of formality to the living room. If you are concerned about your privacy, then adding curtains to the living room could be a good alternative.

7. Media Unit

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Media Units in Living Room

The Media unit or T. V. stand could be useful to place t.v in the living room along with that it comes with space to keep other personal items such as magazines, sound systems, DVD players, etc.

8. Lighting

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
POP lighting in Living Room

Lighting could either make or break the entire look of the room. Lighting changes the mood of the room. The proper placement and color scheme of light could uplift the look of the room.

Along with all of the above basic furniture, there are a few more pieces of furniture that could be helpful too, they are side tables kept on the side of the sofa or couch. The console table is kept by the wall. Runner rugs for the room, Plants to purify the air, Antique decor items, paintings, television, sound systems, etc.

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B. Kitchen Essentials Furniture’s Checklist

No matter how, where, what, or who we are, the one thing in common between us is that we all eat. Therefore, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. The following are prominent pieces of furniture to have in the kitchen.

1. Kitchen Cabinets

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are necessary for every kitchen. As per its appearance cabinets have to be simple, which could be easier to clean and easily accessible as it is used by everyone in the house.

2. Dining Table

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Dining Table

A dining table could be placed in a dining room or it could be adjacent to the kitchen. From having breakfast in the morning to dinner at night, the dining table perfectly fulfills all requirements.

3. Kitchen Island

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Kitchen Island

Extra space in the kitchen is no harm unless it fits perfectly with space. A kitchen island could be used as extra storage, work counter, sink, or sometimes it could serve as an informal dining area.

4. Pantry

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Pantry Room

The pantry is modern kitchen furniture. A pantry is a space or a room where all things from beverages, food, dishes, utensils, provisions, and household cleaning items are stocked.

A chair is requisite for the dining table and kitchen island for proper sitting. Shelves in the kitchen are of great use as there are a lot of items to be stored, shelves help them to be organized. Also, a refrigerator, exhaust hood, etc are a few modern items that should be included in the kitchen.

C. Bedroom Essentials Furniture’s Checklist

1. Bed

Furnishing A New Home Checklist

This might be unforgottable element while preparing furnishing a new home checklist. The biggest and most prime piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Therefore, choosing the right frame of the bed and the perfect quality mattress is advisable to snuggle in bed.

2. Closet

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Closet in Bed Room

Everyone needs a separate space for their personal belongings, that is clothes and other accessories, the closet helps to store and keep them organized.

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3. Dressing Table

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Dressings Table in Bed Room

A dressing table could be a great addition to the room. Mostly, vanities are used to store some clothes, makeup items, and other accessories. The dressing table consists of a mirror, chest of drawers, and a stool or a chair to sit.

4. Couch

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Couch in Bed Room

To provide additional seating in the bedroom, a couch or a chair could be a better option, especially for a master bedroom. Also, a bedroom bench in front of the bed could be convenient.

 5. Bedside Tables

In furnishing a new home checklist the besides is unforgettable. Bedside tables are functional in different ways such as to place night lamps, to place an alarm clock, to hold personal stuff, that are mobile phones, reading material such as books or magazines, medicine,  water, etc.

Furnishing A New Home Checklist
Bedside Tables

Whether for your master bedroom or a guest room above mentioned items is a must. With that, you can add a few things to add a personal touch to your room such as a photo frame, decors, pillows, and bedspreads to give your bedroom cozy feels. Indoor plants have ample benefits, not just they reduce stress and boost up your mood but they are the right choice to enhance creativity. Curtains for the window, wall art should be such that blends in with the overall interior of the house.

           Thus, you can consider the above-mentioned items to have an idea and make a proper checklist for the furniture you need in your new home.

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