Eyebrow Windows: Function & Installation Tips

What Is an Eyebrow Window?

Eyebrow window is a name suggested, as the shape of the window is long in a lengthwise direction and curved up in the top direction, which means that the usual rectangular shape of blinds and shades are hidden in their curves.

Eyebrow windows are most suitable in a Dallas-type home and it is partly rounded-shaped window.

Eyebrow Window Size

The main point is finding the cover of the eyebrow window is dependent upon the location of the window, size of the window, and function of the window.

Eyebrow Window Size
Eyebrow Window

Also, the large size eyebrow window is more suitable in the living room and bedroom area because it can adjust the light and ventilation of the overall area.

Custom-Built Plantation Shutters In Window

Most people are choosing plywood plantation shutters for eyebrow windows because these shutters are able to give a seamless look to your window.

Shutters In Eyebrow Window
Custom-Built Plantation Shutters In Window

Generally, the louvers on an eyebrow shutter can be arranged horizontally or fanned out into a sunburst. Each window shutters are easy to custom.

Also, plywood shutters are available in different colors like natural wood colors, five stains white color, and a wide variety of colors to coordinate with your home background.

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Window Film or Tint?

A Window film will block light that is entering through the window, protecting your irreplaceable belongings from becoming washed out. A downside of window film is doesn’t offer as much privacy as other types of window covering.

The eyebrow window or dormer as it is referred to since it is most commonly found in roofs is a small arched window that projects into the roof to allow light into an upper story.

The eye-brow window is an elliptical, narrow arched shape window without sides, generally located on the front of a building roof.

Where dormers would be, it’s named because the roofing material carries over it much like an eyebrow over an eye.

There are no sides on an eyebrow window like a regular dormer, which looks like a box with a roof. The shingles are right over the top of the window portion and it gives an unbroken wavy line.

An Eyebrow window usually doesn’t open but it brings sunlight to upper rooms and attic spaces and breaks up the roofline.

A modern eyebrow window is generally custom made shingling the structure is sometimes challenging and requires a contractor with experience in handling its unique geometry.

Generally, these types of windows will cost three times of roof skylight windows, due to uniqueness, and difficulty to design and installation.

New designs are more functional than the original one, and it is operable. This type of window curtain rod hung above the arch, allowing the fabric to drape down over it.

For an eyebrow window, a curtain rod hung above the arch, allowing the fabric to drape down over it. Most dormer windows are installed for adding natural light inside the room so white, pale curtains and sheer fabric curtains good choices for it and heavy draped curtains are negligible.

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Installing an Eyebrow Window

I won’t go over the installation details of putting an eyebrow dormer into your house but there is some careful consideration you should make if you are considering this project.

Proper Massing Is Important                         

Eyebrow windows are always designed as small features and to have an eye-brow window larger than a normal window, a flight below will cause the structure to look too heavy and out of balance.

If you are installing a curved element on a sloped roof then you have to ensure proper flashing. Using regular flashing won’t work because of the curves and it doesn’t have any siding on its sides.

Match Existing Windows

Your house inevitably has existing windows so the eyebrow windows should match the style and pattern of the existing windows.

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