Smells that Sell - Best Aromas for a Success Staging

Smells that Sell – Best Aromas for a Success Staging

Smells that Sell - Best Aromas for a Success Staging
Smells that Sell - Best Aromas for a Success Staging 4

Home staging is all about aesthetics and refining the numerous sensory impacts of your home to impress your potential buyers and secure sales. Having the right smell in your home can complement the impression of your staging and trigger positive emotions in your potential buyer leading to sales. However, before this, you need to establish an impressive ambiance by carefully selecting the right furniture pieces that complement your home.

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Renting the Right Furniture to Compliment the Mood of a Room

Your choice of furniture is the major factor that influences your buyer’s impression of your property. Having the wrong furniture can devalue your home. Renting furniture for home staging from furniture rental companies can save you the stress of choosing and buying furniture for your property.

Tips for Staging Furniture

You need to ensure that you place your furniture in an arrangement that maximizes flow and space and leaves walkways that are easy to navigate. Having an understanding of the right types of furniture for different rooms on your property can help you create an inviting space for your potential buyers.

Try to rearrange the staging of your furniture every once in a while to highlight the different features of your home and create an attractive space that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

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Scents That Can Help Sell Your Home

Did you know smells are one of the strongest triggers of memory, and can influence your prospective buyers’ decisions? Think about it. The first thing you may notice when you walk into a room is the smell present.

Of course, no one wants to buy a stinky house or a house that smells like paint and musty aromas. The scent of freshly baked cookies at open houses can be cliché, diverting buyers from appreciating your property’s beauty to focusing on the cookie flavor; it’s wiser to opt for subtle scents that enhance your interior design. Here are some beautiful subtle scents that can help your client picture your property as their new home


Citrus smells that mimic the lemon scents can convey a feeling of cleanliness and freshness to your buyers. After all, it is a common scent that you can find in most cleaning products. Citrus scents also have a calming effect and can make your home feel more welcoming.


Vanilla fragrances are a classic aroma that can elicit nostalgia in your clients and make your property feel familiar and inviting. This classic scent is recognized for its ability to relieve stress making it a soothing choice for your clients who have viewed multiple properties in a single day. Your clients may experience a sense of comfort and relaxation, which could influence their decision to purchase your home.

Pine or Cedar

Pinewood or cedar aromas can promote a feeling of well-being in your buyers. It can be especially appealing to your clients during winter because it evokes holiday memories and a sense of warmth. However, try to be moderate with this smell because it has been misused in poor cleaning products over the years and can be overpowering to your buyer.

Fresh Linens

The smell of fresh linens is one of the most underrated scents that can make your buyer feel that your home is clean and influence them into closing the deal. Picture how cozy you feel when you get into a bed with fresh sheets from the laundry. Try having your curtains and any other home decor fabrics cleaned with linen-scented products before inviting over buyers to portray a nice clean property.


The most important thing to remember when using scents to sell your property is that less is more. Opt for subtle hints of the fragrance so that your prospective buyers can focus on your property and its features. So remember, if you are planning an open house, be sure that your property passes the smell test.

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