11 Parts Of Western Toilet: Their Name & Bowl Parts

A toilet is an essential component of any bathroom and plays a crucial role in ensuring hygiene and comfort. It is made up of several parts that work together to carry out its main function, which is to flush the waste down the drain.

Toilets come in different types, sizes, shapes, and styles. There are different western toilet parts such as a Handle, Supply Line, Chain, Float, Flush Valve, Overflow, Tube, bathroom, floor Toilet Fill Valve, etc.

Understanding these parts and their functions can help maintain and repair a toilet. Additionally, knowing the different types of toilets, such as standard toilets, pressure-assisted toilets, dual-flush toilets, and smart toilets, can also be useful in choosing the right toilet for a particular bathroom.

11 Parts Of Western Toilet: Their Name & Bowl Parts
Parts Of Western Toilet

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Western Toilet Parts

The following are different western toilet parts names with functions,

western toilet parts name
western toilet parts name


The handle is placed outside the tank and generally, it is used for flushing the toilet. Also, the modern version of the toilet gives the dual flush mode on the top of the toilet tank and it is replaced by two automatic buttons.

Supply Lines

Generally, the supply line gives the water supply for flushing the toilet and it is located at the base of the toilet. The supply line consists of a shut-off valve so that you can turn the water off when you can notice an issue. It is one of the important parts of a toilet.


Sometimes chain is called a toilet lift chain; it is used to connect the toilet lever to the flapper and this chain is made of metal link.


Float is one type of buoyant device; this is used to regulate the amount of water and is also called the ball cock or float valve.

Flush Valve

Flush valve parts of a toilet tank sit in the middle part of the tank and are connected to an overflow tube. The main aim of providing a flush valve is easily flush waste from the toilet bowl.

Overflow Tubes

The overflow tube helps to keep excess water from overflowing into the tank and spilling out the floor also it is connected with a flush valve. 

Toilet Fill Valves

This toilet fill valve’s main aim is to refill the water tank after each flush.

Toilet Flapper

The toilet Flapper is placed at the base of a tank and this flapper triggers and lifts a flush of water for the toilet bowl.

Toilet Lever

The toilet Lever is connected to the handle and this toilet lever is lift the flapper, which triggers the flush and is also known as the lift rod.

Toilet Tank Cover

The Toilet tank cover has a heavy lid and it is cover the toilet tank, also it is made of porcelain clay and its lid is easily breakable.

Whenever you repair the toilet that time cover is removed carefully and placed somewhere safely for avoiding a cracking and breaking problem.

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What Is A Toilet Bowl?

The toilet bowl is the lowest part of the toilet unit which holds the waste and water. Generally, two shapes of toilet bowls are available such as a round bowl and an elongated bowl shape.

This elongated shape of a toilet bowl is extending toward a wall and it can be comfier to use the round-shaped toilet bowl is suitable for smaller or limited bathroom space.

Toilet Bowl Parts

Both round shape bowls and elongated shape bowls have the same parts consist:

Parts of Toilet Bowl
Parts of Toilet Bowl
  • Lid
  • Seat
  • Rim
  • Toilet Flanges
  • Wax Ring
  • Toilet Bolts and cover

Here the above-enlisted parts are described below,


The lid uses to cover the toilet seat and act as a safety barrier before you flush closing the lid. It can keep water droplets and even control the spreading of germs into the air.


Generally, the seat is directly attached to a bowl. So that it was designed according to it. Before buying a toilet seat makes sure the style of the toilet bowl is either elongated in shape or round in shape.


Rim is the uppermost part of the bowl and the main aim of providing a rim is for preventing overflowing and splashes.

Toilet Flanges

These toilet flanges are used for filling seals to the floor and connecting them to the drain pipe.

Wax Ring

The wax ring is used to secure the base of the toilet and it is also known as the toilet seat or Toilet bowl gasket.

Toilet Covers and Bolts

The bolts are joined to the flange and attach the toilet to the floor. Whenever you change the bolt before make sure of the condition of the flange if the flange is in bad condition then change the bolt as well as the flange of a toilet.

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