41 Bathroom Accessories

41 Bathroom Accessories List With Image

When choosing bathroom accessories, consider factors such as your personal style and preferences, the overall design and color scheme of your bathroom, and the functionality and quality of the accessories. It’s important to ensure that the chosen accessories complement each other and blend well with the existing decor of your bathroom.

A bathroom accessories list comprises a range of essential items that are not only practical but also contribute to the overall ambiance of the bathroom. These accessories go beyond mere functionality, as they can add personality and charm to the space.

In this article, we will explore a comprehensive bathroom accessories list, including must-have items that can enhance organization, convenience, and visual appeal. We will discuss the different types of accessories available, their varied purposes, and offer helpful tips to guide you in selecting the perfect accessories for your bathroom.

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Bathroom Accessories List

41 Types of Bathroom Accessories & Their Purpose
Different Types of Bathroom Accessories

Make a list of different types of accessories that you may need for your bathroom. Keep in mind the layout, design, and space of your bathroom while making the list of bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Accessories should be bought only if they are required and not just because you like them. Surely, you can select which one to go for from the numerous options available.

Decide on which bathroom accessory should be bought for which element of your bathroom like- a sink, shower stall, etc.

Go through the list given below and you may have an idea of what could be bought that suits your requirement:

1. Bucket


The bucket is a bathroom accessory either made up of plastic or metal material. It is a primary essential, which is a must-have for all bathrooms.

You may reconsider changing it and go for a new one to match the interiors of your bathroom. Buckets are available in a variety of sizes and designs nowadays and you have plenty of options out there. The capacities of the bucket range from 10 L, 20 L, or even more.

Folding Bucket
Folding Bucket

Innovations have not left any space and are still going on. Buckets have also been modified and made more user-friendly than ever. Folding buckets i.e. collapsible buckets are also available nowadays. Such buckets are easy as a portable wash.

2. Bath Tumbler/ Bath Mug

Bath Tumbler
Bath Tumbler

Tumbler is another must-have in the list of your bathroom accessory. Accompanying the bucket, a tumbler is used to take water from the bucket.

Even tumblers are available in a number of options. You can even match your Tumbler with the bucket you purchased. The size of the tumbler may also vary like- 1 L, 1.5 L, etc.

Bucket and Tumbler Set
Bucket and Tumbler Set

Note: You can purchase a bucket and tumbler set together- they are even available in pairs so that they can enhance the feel of your bathroom!

3. Tumbler Holder

Tumbler Holder
Tumbler Holder

Ever faced difficulty in placing the tumbler after use? Do you also happen to have the tumbler sliding to the other end of the bathroom over to the trap?

Then you can fix a tumbler holder in your bathroom so that it appears organized and you can access it easily.

4. Bath Towels

Bathroom Accessories
Bath Towel Set

Do you know that the towel comes in different sizes apart from the one you are using? Besides the standard size towel, there are other smaller sizes too which can be included in your bathroom accessories.

5. Towel Stand

41 Bathroom Accessories List With Image
41 Bathroom Accessories List With Image 47
Towel Stand
Towel Stand

While you go for a bath, you need something to hold onto your towel. A towel stand can be a great option for you.It can hold a towel and a few other clothes as well. You don’t have to worry that it may fall down as in the case of hooks.

6. Towel Hanger

Towel Hanger
Towel Hanger

A towel stand can work for hanging your towel, but not if you have limited space. A towel hanger is just a rod, which saves a great deal of space as compared to stands.

A towel hanger can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. However, you should prefer to keep it at the other end of the shower stall or water taps. As you do not want it to get wet by the water sprinkles!

The basic difference between a towel hanger and a towel rod is that the towel hanger also has a shelf-like place o which you can even keep things. This is because the towel hanger is composed of 2-3 rods while the towel bar consists of a single rod.

7. Over The Door Towel Rack

Over the Door Towel Rack
Over the Door Towel Rack

If your bathroom has even less space, then instead of placing the towel hanger on the wall, you can fix it on the door itself! Obviously, your bathroom door is at the farthest distance and you can be sure that water will sprinkle least over it.

This not only saves space but also makes space for other accessories like toothbrushes or tumbler holders.

Now, this option is not just for your bathroom. Over-the-door towel racks consist of hooks to hang the towel. There are around 3-6 hooks on the rod to hang the towel and other clothes as well.

Over-the-door towel racks can be installed on not only the bathroom door but kitchen or cabinet doors as well. This enables you to hang your dishcloths or napkins too.

8. Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Wall-Mounted Towel Rack
Wall-Mounted Towel Rack

This rack is the same as the door towel rack except that it is fitted on the wall of the bathroom as its name indicates while the former one is fitted over the door.

Its functions are the same as over the door rack. Care should be taken that the rack is not placed too close to the taps so that the towels or clothes hung on it do not get wet.

9. Towel Rod/ Towel Rail/ Towel Bar

Towel Rail
Towel Rail

It is also used for hanging towels in the bathroom. Towel bars can allow the towel to dry without being bunched up as in the case of hooks or rings. This results in drying up faster.

A towel stand or towel rack can take up a lot of space. At that time, you can install a towel rod or rail to use the space considerably.

Towel rods should be installed at least 42-48 inches above the floor.

10. Towel Hooks

Towel Hooks
Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are also provided to hang towels or other clothes as an alternative to towel rods. It also saves space in comparison to a stand or rack. A pair of hooks are mostly installed in the bathroom while going for hooks.

11. Towel Ring:

Towel Ring
Towel Ring

It is used to hang hand towels. It is mostly installed near the sink so that the person can dry their hands after washing.

The height of the towel ring is so adjusted that the towel hung on it should not brush against the vanity. Hence, its height should be a few inches above the sink, which is approximately 50-52 inches above the floor level.

12. Towel Ladder Rack

Towel Ladder Rack
Towel Ladder Rack

The towel ladder rack has horizontal bars on it on which towels can be hung. You can hang multiple towels too on the rack making it a multi-functional bathroom accessory.

13. Towel Rack Stand

Towel Rack Stand
Towel Rack Stand

A towel rack stand can hold the towel and other clothes. It is a stand-alone, unlike the ladder rack.

14. Towel Shelf

Towel Shelf
Towel Shelf

If you do not like hanging your towels and clothes, then you can go for a towel shelf. Folded towels can be placed on them along with clothes. Alternatively, you can even use it to place toiletries.

15. Bathroom Hooks

Bathroom Hooks
Bathroom Hooks

It is also a hook meant to hang clothes or a towel. It can either be single or fixed in pairs.

16. Bath Shelf

Bath Shelf
Bath Shelf

Installing bathroom shelves can solve the issue of things getting here and there. Decorative items can also be placed on the shelf to increase aesthetic appeal.

Toilet paper, hand towels, and other such things can also be placed on the Shelf. However, instead of putting them randomly, you can place them in a basket. This can make things more organized and provides ease in managing too.

17. Glass Bathroom Shelves

Glass Bathroom Shelves
Glass Bathroom Shelves

These are a type of bath shelf only, and their purpose is similar to that of the bath shelf discussed above. However, glass shelves increase aesthetic appeal.

18. Corner Shower Shelf

Corner Shower Shelf
Corner Shower Shelf

The corner shower shelf is also another variant of the bathroom shelf. It is placed in the corner instead of placing it on the wall. Placing a shelf like this can be advantageous when there is limited space. However, not all the corners of the bathroom can be used for placing corner shelves.

Place this corner shower shelf on the opposite corner of the water taps or showerhead. This can make it easy to access the shower necessities while taking a shower.

19. Robe Hook

Robe Hook
Robe Hook

It is a hook located on one of the walls or even on the door. Its purpose is to hang the robe. The robe is also essential that will be used every time. So why not dedicate a place for it?

20. Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush Holder
Toothbrush Holder

Arranging a place for a toothbrush is quite tricky. If not properly placed, it may stall around. A toothbrush holder is a container for placing the toothbrushes when they are not in use. While installing a toothbrush holder, you need to remove the adhesive and stick it to the wall or tiles of your bathroom.

A toothbrush should be kept covered, or else the pollutants can contaminate it. thus, a toothbrush holder is an absolute must. Electric toothbrush holders are also available ow-a-days.

21. Shower Curtains

Shower Curtain
Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are bathroom accessories provided not only to ensure privacy but also to prevent dampness from propagating. A shower curtain has a liner that is quite effective in holding the water. Liners are not much costly and they reduce moisture and bacteria breeding to a great level.

The fabric side of the shower curtain is more durable than the other side, hence it is allowed to face the window. If the climatic conditions in which your home is located are humid, then you may need to change the shower curtain twice a year. Even so, the liner has to be washed every month.

Hemp, cotton canvas, or linen can be used as an alternative to shower curtains.

22. Shower Curtain Kohls

Shower Curtain Kohl
Shower Curtain Kohl

Shower curtain kohl is an accessory of the shower curtain. It is used for adjustment and holding the shower curtain in place.

23. Shower Mat

Shower Mat
Shower Mat

After taking bath, you are dripping wet, and adding to the fact that the floor is also wet; there are high chances of getting slipped.

A shower mat is like a plastic mat whose primary function is to provide grip to the feet. It soaks up the water and hence, it should be placed such that you can step on it after the bath.

24. Shower Soap Dispenser

Shower Soap Dispenser
Shower Soap Dispenser

The shower soap dispenser is a device that can dispatch a small amount of soap- usually enough for a single usage when triggered. A pump is used to enforce this mechanism.

Two types of soap dispensers are available- manual and automatic. Manual soap dispensers can be operated by means of a handle. Automatic dispensers dispatch a small amount of soap as the palms are kept under them with the help of sensors.

A soap dispenser can be an ideal choice for your sink too. A small amount of soap is required frequently anyway, and keeping a bottle filled with it may be of help. Do install it on the left side, as the right side will be occupied by utensils.

25. Shower Soap Holder

Shower Soap Holder
Shower Soap Holder

The soap holder is mostly fitted to the wall. It is used to place the soap bar when not in use.

The soap holder should be installed on the same wall as the showerhead, but 16-20 inches on either side of the showerhead. This can permit easy access to the soap container during the shower.

26. Magnetic Soap Holder

Magnetic Soap Holder
Magnetic Soap Holder

A magnetic soap holder conserves the soap and is an advanced type of soap holder. It can suspend the soap bar upside down so that it does not wash away.

27. Soap Dish

Soap Dish
Soap Dish

Soapdish is also used to hold the soap after use. The main difference between the soap holder and soap dish is that the soap dish is a flat platform-like open container comparatively.

The material of the soap dish is water-proof like plastic, metal, ceramic, or even glass. Prefer a soap dish with perforations so that the water may drain out. Else the soap will form foam in the puddle of water.

28. Wall Mounted Soap Dish

Wall Mounted Soap Dish
Wall Mounted Soap Dish

A soap dish can be free too or can be attached to the wall.

If you keep the soap dish on the bathroom floor, it may get wet as the water is splashed. If you have bathroom shelves, you can accommodate the soap dish over there.

Or you can go for a wall-mounted soap dish that has the facility to attach it to the wall. Sometimes, a wall-mounted soap dish comes with an attached tray below it to collect the dripping water.

29. Shower Basket

Shower Basket
Shower Basket

There are many items for the bath. Instead of taking each one of them separately, you can make use of a shower basket. You can put everything- like shampoo, hair conditioner, soap, lotion, etc. Thus, these bathroom accessories can help you to access things with ease.

This will not only provide you ease but will keep your bath area organized too.

30. Shower Shampoo Holder

Shower Shampoo Holder
Shower Shampoo Holder

It is similar to the soap holder, but it is used to hold the shampoo.

31. Bathroom Lotion Dispenser

Bathroom Lotion Dispenser
Bathroom Lotion Dispenser

These bathroom accessories are optional. If you want, you can install a lotion dispenser in the bathroom for ease.

32 . Bathtub Tray

Bathtub Tray
Bathtub Tray

If you love bathtubs, then you cannot miss out on a bathtub tray. You can put a book or your tablet phone after reading while enjoying yourself.

You can also put scented candles in it so that you can enjoy the fragrance.

33. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

The bathroom mirror cabinet fulfills two purposes as it gives an additional storage space too.

It can hold the basics like creams, lotions, oils, perfume, hair spray, and other such things. Also, the cabinet is not so deep, thus you can line the products up. This makes their access easy.

Toilet Accessories

34. Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush

A Toilet brush is used to clean the inside of your toilet after spraying a liquid toilet cleaner preferably. After cleaning, it should be disinfected with rubbing alcohol or any other disinfectant.

It is one of the must-have bathroom accessories to maintain hygiene.

35. Toilet Brush Holder

Toilet Brush Holder
Toilet Brush Holder

After cleaning the toilet, the toilet brush should be placed in its holder else it will not last long.

Preferably, a liquid hand soap must be filled in the toilet brush holder.

36. Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder
Toilet Paper Holder

It is used to hold toilet paper. A toilet paper holder should be installed about 26 inches above the floor level.

It can be fixed either way- under or over. However, usage of toilet paper by rolling is difficult in case of under. Also, there is a possibility that bacteria might be bred if placed in ‘under’ orientation.

37. Tissue Cover

Tissue Holder
Tissue Holder

It is simply used to hold tissue papers. And also facilitates easy dispensing of tissue papers- one at a time.

38. Trash Can

Trash Can
Trash Can

A trash can is placed in the bathroom preferably in a corner cabinet to keep it hidden. Also, close it with a lid. However, trash cans kept below sinks are preferred without lids.

39. Floor Mat

Bathroom Accessories
Floor Mat

The floor mat is kept outside the bathroom so that it can soak up the water and prevents the floor from getting wet.

Bathroom Freshener
Bathroom Freshener

A pleasant odor uplifts your mood instantly and so bathroom freshener can give you an added advantage.

41. Shower Curtain Liner

A shower curtain has a liner which is quite effective in holding the water. Liners are not much costly and they reduce the moisture and bacteria breeding to a great level.

Bathroom Accessories List & Their Uses

Sr. No.Bathroom AccessoriesPurpose


  • A primary essential
  • Match it with the interior of the bathroom
  • Different sizes- 10 L, 15 L, etc
2.Tumbler/ Bath Mug
  • Another primary essential
  • Can be bought along with the bucket as a set
  • Different sizes- 1 L, 1.5 L, etc
3.Tumbler holder
  • For allotting a proper place to the tumbler
4.Bath towels
  • To dry yourself after bath
  • To wipe face after face wash
  • To dry hands washed
5.Towel stand
  • To hold the towels
  • Alternatively, can also hold the clothes
6.Towel hanger
  • To hand towels
  • You can even use it to place a towel or clothes (a shelf is formed at the top as it consists of 2-3- rods)
  • Keep it at a distance from water taps
7.Wall-mounted towel rack
  • Consists of 3-4 hooks to hang towels and other clothes
  • Not just bathroom-specific
  • Considerably saves space (a good option if your bathroom has much less space)
8.Wall-mounted towel rack
  • Same as over the door towel rack
  • However, the mounting place is different; instead of the door, it is fitted to the wall
  • Functions same as over the door towel rack
9.Towel bar
  • To hang the towels without being bunched up as in case of towel hooks
  • Towel stand also has a similar advantage, however, they consume much more space as compared to a towel bar
10.Towel hooks
  • An alternate to the towel bar
  • To hang the towels
11.Towel ring
  • To hang hand towels or napkins
  • Mostly installed near the sink
  • Adjust the height so that the hung towel does not touch the vanity
  • Approximate height from the floor: 50-52 inches
12.Towel ladder rack
  • A ladder rack comprised of horizontal towels
  • To hang multiple pieces of clothes
13.Towel rack stand
  • To hold towels or clothes
  • It is a stand-alone unlike ladder rack
14.Towel shelf
  • To place folded towels or clothes
  • To place toiletries
15.Bathroom hooks
  • To hang clothes or towels
  • Can be single or in pair
16.Bath shelf
  • To place toiletries
  • To place decorative items
  • Grouping the items in a basket should be preferred
17.Glass bathroom shelf
  • A type of bathroom shelf
  • Increases aesthetic value
18.Corner shower shelf
  • Shelf installed in one of the corners of the bathroom
  • A great option for a small bathroom
  • Fit this corner shelf on the opposite corner of the water taps
19.Robe hook
  • A hook on the walls or door
  • A place to hang robe
20.Toothbrush holder
  • To place toothbrush after use
  • Just remove the adhesive and stick it to the wall
  • Covering the toothbrush is important, otherwise, contaminants can come in its contact
21.Shower curtains
  • To ensure privacy and prevent dampness from spreading
  • Liner of the shower curtains is very effective to keep the water at bay
  • Fabric side of the curtains faces the window
  • Needs to be changed twice a year in a humid climate
  • Liners should be washed in a month
22.Shower curtain kohls
  • To fix the shower curtains
23.Shower Mat
  • To prevent one from slipping after bath
24.Bathroom soap dispenser
  • To dispatch a small quantity- single usable- of soap
  • Manual soap dispensers need to be triggered by pressing the handle
  • Automatic soap dispensers have a sensor that can detect when you place your palms underneath and dispatch a small amount of soap
25.Shower soap holder
  • To place the soap when not in use
  • Fitted on the wall
  • Should be placed near the shower head for easy access
26.Magnetic soap holder
  • It functions the same as the soap holder- however, it holds the soap upside down
  • Water can drip off easily from the soap because of its design
27.Wall-mounted soap dish
  • To hold soap after use
  • Instead of being fixed as soap holders, it just has a flat platform
  • It is open at the top
  • It can be kept on the shelves as well
28.Wall-mounted soap dish
  • Soap dish that is attached to the wall
29.Shower basket
  • All the items required for a shower like soap, shampoo, hair conditioner, serum, etc can be placed
30.Shower shampoo holder
  • To hold the shampoo bottle in one place
31.Bathroom lotion dispenser
  • Holds the lotion bottle
  • Dispenses lotion in a small amount as the trigger is pressed
32.Bathtub tray
  • To put book or tablet after reading in the bathtub
  • It can even hold the cream, oil, lotions, hair spray, and other such things
33.Bathroom mirror cabinet
  • To hold toiletries safely within the cabinet
  • As the depth is less, you can have easy access to the items placed inside
  • Mirror is also available; thus serves the double purpose
34.Toilet brush
  • A must have to maintain hygiene
  • To clean the inside of the toilet
  • Spray liquid toilet cleaner before cleaning
  • It should be disinfected after use
35.Toilet brush holder
  • To hold the toilet brush
  • Should be installed at least 26 inches above the floor
  • Liquid soap may be filed inside the toilet brush holder
36.Toilet paper holder
  • To hold the toilet paper
  • It should be installed about 26 inches from the floor
  • Can be fixed either way- under or over; however over orientation is preferred
37.Tissue cover
  • To hold tissue papers
  • It ensures one tissue dispatches at one time
38.Trash can
  • To dispose of waste like tags, wrappers, etc
39.Floor mat
  • To soak up the water after coming out of the bathroom


Bathroom freshener
  • To spread fragrance in the bathroom


Shower Curtain Liner
  • To stop the water from spreading aorund

What are bathroom accessories?

Bathroom accessories refer to a variety of items and fixtures that are used to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a bathroom. They include items like towel racks, soap dispensers, shower curtains, mirrors, toilet paper holders, and more.

What should be included in a bathroom accessories list?

A comprehensive bathroom accessories list may include essential items such as a towel rack, soap dish or dispenser, toothbrush holder, toilet brush, shower curtain, bath mat, toilet paper holder, mirror, and storage solutions like shelves or cabinets.

How do I choose the right bathroom accessories?

When choosing bathroom accessories, consider factors such as your personal style and preferences, the overall design and color scheme of your bathroom, and the functionality and quality of the accessories. It’s important to ensure that the chosen accessories complement each other and blend well with the existing decor of your bathroom.

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