Best Types of Shovels for Digging

10 Types of Shovels & Their Uses

Shovels are essential tools for digging work in various fields, including construction, gardening, landscaping, and agriculture. There are different types of shovels available, each designed for specific tasks and soil conditions. With so many options, it can be challenging to choose the right shovel for your needs.

In this article, we will explore the ten most common types of shovels, along with pictures and descriptions, to help you identify which type of shovel is best suited for your digging tasks. Whether you need to dig in soft soil, hard soil, tight spaces, or move loose materials, this guide will help you choose the best shovel for the job.

Types of Shovels                  

The following enlisted 10 types of shovels with pictures for different digging work

  • Digging Shovel
  • Edging Shovel
  • Trench Shovel
  • Mini or Handheld Shovel
  • Post-Hole Shovel
  • Scoop or Snow Shovel
  • Tree Planting Shovel
  • Flat Shovel
  • Power Shovel
  • Folding Shovel

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1. Digging Shovel

Digging  Shovel
Digging Shovel

As the name suggests Digging Shovel is used for digging up soil for gardening purposes, construction purposes, and other purposes. These Digging Shovels are highly functional, due to their sharp edge blades are easy to cut the soil and other obstructing objects which is present on the ground surface or working area.

Also, sharp blades with a high grip collar handle digging shovels are easy to use for moving soil, digging, or cutting an unwanted plant. The digging shovels have a further three different types of shovels according to their shape of blade options,

  • Square Digging Shovels
  • Pointed Digging Shovel
  • Round Pointed Shovel

2. Square Digging Shovel                                                       

Square Shovel
Square Digging Shovel        

As the name suggests Square Digging Shovels have a straight and flat blade end which adds workability for making trenches and edging the trench. Also, you can use this square digging shovel for moving unwanted plants and shrubs if needed.

This square digging shovel’s blade is completely rigid and straight so it can be a great choice for digging hard and rocky soil.

3. Pointed Digging Shovel

Pointed Digging Shovel
Pointed Digging Shovel

Pointed Digging Shovel is used for tight spaces and as well as in a part of the soil that has a lot of rocks and roots. These pointed digging shovels have a curved shaped blade at the front portion so that you can easily scoop up loose soil as compared to square digging shovels.

4. Round Digging Shovels

Round Pointed Shovel
Round Pointed Shovel

Round Digging Shovels have a dome-shaped blade at the end portion, which is commonly used for gardening purposes. In case you want to move shrubs, flowers, and tiny plants then this type of blade is more suitable. The round digging shovel is ideal for loose soil as compared to a pointed shovel.

2. Edging Types of Shovels

Edging shovels create an edge in the soil strata, this is commonly used for gardening propose where you want to distribute the solid material of your gardening. The edging types of shovels have a very unique blade, which looks like the shape of a half-moon.

Also, you can use fences work, gardening borders, sidewalk work, driveways, and other places where you want to achieve sharp edges.

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3. Trench Shovels

Trenching Shovel
Trenching Shovel

As the name suggests Trench shovels are used for creating a trench in the backyard gardening area. Before making a trench in any place makes sure the alignment of the trench might be straight and deep always.

The trench shovels have narrow and long blades, which blades are sharp in nature, and the end portion is concave in shape. Also, these angle-designed trenches shovels allow for the moving of lots of soil from one place to another place.

4. Mini or Handheld Shovels

Mini or Handheld Shovel
Mini or Handheld Shovel

A Mini shovel or Handheld Shovel is quite smaller in size and is commonly single-hand usage and also used for planting a flower in a pot.

5. Post-Hole Shovels

Post Hole Diggers
Post Hole Diggers

Post Hole shovels are also known as Posthole diggers or Posthole pincers this type of shovel has two heads onto a single shaft which can be entered together into the ground and then when you pull the blades the dirt will come out and make a post hole.

6. Snow Shovels

Snow Shovel
Snow Shovel

Snow Shovels known as Scoop Shovels, who live in colder areas might have to face a lot of snowfall during the winter season, and to survive that area you can rid of the snow from your walkway, driveway, parking area, backyard, and many more.

During that time you can use a snow shovel for scooping up snow, this shovel consists of a large curved blade so that you can easily move a large amount of snow from one place to another place without spending too much time.

Also, this snow shovel is used for gardening work such as moving debris, unwanted plants, and moving gravel, soil, and sand.

7. Tree Planting Shovels

Tree Planting Shovel
Tree Planting Shovel

Commonly Tree Planting Shovels are used for planting a tree in a backyard or garden area. Because it is specially made for planting purposes it is digging more than any type of shovel.

In the market different types of tree planting shovels are available but you can choose according to your planting tree and the required depth of holes for different plant sizes.

8. Flat Shovels

Flat Shovel
Flat Shovel

The flat Shovel function is similar to the snow shovels and square digging shovels. When you want to move or dig a large amount of soil at a one-time than a flat blade shovel is a perfect choice for this.

9. Power Shovels

The Power type of shovel is a hand tool and it is ideal for heavy work, whereas a hand shovel is not suitable for digging that case power shovels are used, for hardening soil, hardening snow, and rocky substances power shovel a unique combination of snow blower and scoops shovels.

10. Folding Shovels

Folding Shovel
Folding Shovel

Folding Shovel is one type of portable shovel, the folded shovels are similar to the standard shovel but the main difference is, that they can be folded easily and are more workable, and compact.

The folding shovels further have two more types a collapsible shaft and a bendable shaft, so that you can choose according to your needs.

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