10 Types of Stoves With Pictures

Stoves have been a primary source of heat for centuries, but today’s stoves are far more advanced than their predecessors. With a variety of different types of stoves available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your needs. Some stoves burn wood or other solid fuels, while others use gas or electricity.

Each stove has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, ranging from heating power and energy efficiency to ease of use and environmental impact. In this guide, we’ll ake a closer look at the most common types of stoves available today, and help you choose the perfect one for your home.

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Types of Stoves

The following are the most popular types of stoves with pictures for the kitchen nowaday,

1. Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood burning stove
Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves are a traditional type of stove, woods burn and create a smoky flame, this flame gives a deal of eating. Also, this wood stove requires more attention than an electric stove type. Because a good supply of wood keeps them burning.

These stoves are more feasible where enough amount of wood is easily available and vice versa when woods are unavailable in nearly than the usage of this stove is worth.

2. Electric Stoves

Electric Stove
Electric Stoves

Electric stoves are efficient and safe but the main disadvantage of using these stoves is not powerful as compared to gas stoves, also this stove is efficient and safe.

Electric stoves are more expensive than any other type of stove, and you need an electrician for installing them, also allow you for cooking food without any mess.

3. Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop
Induction Cooktop

The induction cooktops are hugely energy efficient, they directly heat the vessel, rather than heating up the air around them, that’s why your food will cook evenly and ultra-fast, and easy to maintain and clean as well as you can cook the food on the top of the stove surface, in a microwave, in the oven, or a campfire.

4. Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stove
Pellet Stoves

Pellet stove as the name suggests uses pellets for burning and these pellets are made from sawdust. This pellet stove is easy to start and they do not tend to give off lots of smoke that making them safe and efficient.

Make sure before you get a pellet stove that has a fan, because they produce many BTUs for their size, so you don’t want to be breathing the exhaust from one without a fan.

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5. Downdraft Cooktop

Downdraft Cooktop
Downdraft Cooktop

The Downdraft cooks food using a powerful fan for moving air downward towards the burner of the stove, which means you do not need an exhaust fan for keeping smoke outside of your kitchen area.

On the downside you cannot cook food directly on the top of these types of stoves, you have required pans or pots on a rack above for safety purposes.

6. Coal Stove

Coal Stove
Coal Stove

Coal Stoves as the name suggest use coal as a source of fuel and they consist of a chimney and firebox, this firebox is made of brass material and steel, and it is used for heating the air inside the stoves.

Also, the coal stoves is the oldest stove which is commonly used for heating the room.

7. Downdraft Extractor

Downdraft Extractor
Downdraft Extractor

The downdraft extractors are mainly used in kitchen stoves, are made of sheet metals, and have a vent for allowing airflow through them.

This air will pass through after passing through the firebox so that smoke and heat out of the firebox, and the main aim is to clean and keep down the dust.

8. Gas Stove

Gas Stove
Gas Stove

Gas Stoves are more powerful than wood-burning stoves and electric stoves, these gas stoves are easy and safe to use. But it is inexpensive in nature.

Gas stoves are efficient and convenient, but they can be dangerous if not properly used, make sure before using this gas stove, and never overfill the vessel with food.

9. Electric Coil Cooktop

Electric  Coil Cooktop
Electric Coil Cooktop

These Electric coil cooktops are very similar to induction cooktop but the main difference is these electric coil cooktops use coils instead of magnets.

The electric coils heat up the pot directly, rather than heating the surrounding air around the cooktop also the electric coil stove and induction stoves are more efficient.

10. Electric Smooth Top Cooktop

Electric Smooth Cooktop
Electric Smooth Top Cooktop

These electric smooth-top cooktops use a high-efficiency induction coil for cooking and are easy to clean and maintain because this stove does not need a bottom for hiding the coils from splatters and splitting.

Also, the electric smooth tops are expensive compared to electric coil stoves.

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