Backyard Shed Types

Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard

There is a number of factors to take into consideration while you are thinking about creating the shed in your backyard. Considerations include where to create the shed, its size, any inside furnishings you might wish to add, the color, and even the materials you would like it to be created.

The majority of us really benefit from having extra room, whether it’s for work, storage, or leisure activities. However, expanding the square footage of an existing house can be both expensive and time-consuming.

For this reason, most homeowners are turning to backyard sheds. It can be difficult to choose the perfect types of Sheds for your requirements because there are a lot of options available.

What Is Shed?

Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 23

The shed is an excellent structure to keep in your backyard which can benefit everyone. The shed is an outstanding choice that will increase the look of your house and used for many years.

By giving a location to keep garden and lawn items, festival decorations, sports equipment, and other items, the backyard shed can significantly benefit the organization of your house.

The backyard storage shed offers a lot of advantages. In a backyard, a shed is usually a straightforward, single-story roofed structure used mostly for activities and as a workshop.

It is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as the best sheds provide different storage options like shelves or spacious areas that are suitable for storing both large and small things.

In short, a backyard storage shed stores as well as secures objects that might usually be in the way unsecured or unsafe in the backyard.

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Types Of Sheds

There are several distinctive and eye-catching sheds available on the market, and installing one of them in your backyard will improve your outside surroundings.

As you purchase your home, some types of sheds will already be there, or you can choose to have one created in your yard.

  • A-Frame
  • Gable
  • Lean-to
  • Saltbox
  • Gambrel (Barn-style)
  • Vinyl Shed
  • Green Roofs
  • EPDM Rubber
  • Clay Tiles
  • Personal Belongings Storage
  • Metal Shed
  • Firewood Storage
  • Roofing Shingles
  • Wood Shed
  • Tool Shed
  • Sheet Metal
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Cement Blocks
  • Concrete Pad
  • Gravel Pad
  • Concrete Piers
  • Garden Office
  • Studio
  • Greenhouse
  • Modern
  • Storage
  • She Shed
  • Shed Flooring Materials
  • Shed Floor Insulation
  • Post and Beam
  • Ventilation

A-Frame Shed

A-Frame  Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 24

The A-frame sheds are a particular form of a shed that has an A-shaped design with a sloped roof that comes to a point in the center.

The A-frame sheds are usually smaller as well as composed of either metal or wood. A-frame sheds are among the most often used types because of their affordability and accessibility. It can be used as a workplace, a playroom for children, or even as storage.

Gable Shed

Gable Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 25

A gable shed is an excellent option if you want to construct a shed in your backyard which provides lots of storage area and suits the majority of house styles.

These types of shed would be a great option for any outdoor space because it has plenty of capacity for tools and gardening equipment.

Gable Roofs are appropriate for areas that have a high amount of snow because they are created to sustain heavier weights.

Lean-to Shed

Lean to Sheds
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 26

Lean-to sheds are unique in shape. Among all shed types, the lean-to-shed is probably the simplest to construct. There is just a single panel on the roof.

The fact that one of its walls in this structure is shorter compared to the rest makes it special. Obviously, the shorter side contains less space, although it is still used in many sectors. It can be used for storing tools, barn sheds, housing livestock, and other things.

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Saltbox Shed

Saltbox Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 27

Saltbox sheds are described as having a longer sloping roof at the rear and just a smaller one out front. A saltbox shed is a good option if you want to suit the color of your shed to that of your home.

These sheds also include fashionable windows with outside shutters, which enhance their visual appearance.

It can be used as a workshop, playroom, garage, or even as an area to store goods that you don’t know other places to put.

Gambrel (Barn-style) Shed

Gambrels Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 28

This particular shed is well-known because the inside has plenty of height due to the roof’s extremely high slope. Gambrel sheds are the best choice if you are looking for a shed to enhance storage, put a car in it, or make a workspace.

It is the best choice for your requirements because they are both spacious and adaptable.

Vinyl Shed

Vinyl Backyard Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 29

The less expensive alternative for your shed can be a vinyl-type shed. Vinyl is a popular material for sheds because they need less maintenance as well as can be less expensive initially.

This type of shed is suitable for storing items. Vinyl roofing is an excellent choice if you want to add an extra layer of protection to your shed.

Green Roofs

Green Roof
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 30

The green roof is really a good choice if you want to have a roof that blends in with the surrounding environment.

These types of sheds are created with a water-repellent membrane to prevent water from penetrating the shed and resulting in moisture problems.

EPDM Rubber Shed

EPDM Rubber Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 31

EPDM rubber roofing is composed of recycled rubber as well as comes in huge rolls. It is commonly used on industrial structures with flat or low roofs.

It is simple to install on new roofs as well as also performs well as a replacement if the roof has been broken and has to be repaired or replaced.

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Clay Tiles Shed

Clay Tile Types Of Shed In Backyards
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 32

If you want to give your shed some serious curb appearance, think about using clay tiles for the roof. You must plan for clay tiles from the beginning of your foundation because they are weighty and difficult to utilize for a roof.

Otherwise, your shed won’t be able to hold them. Furthermore, the walls as well as the roof of the shed must be of good quality in order to withstand its weight.

Personal Belongings Storage

The one important reason that several renters as well as homeowners create this type of shed on their property is to have a place to keep their personal stuff.

As humans age, they start to gather more and more things, and it might be difficult to let things leave as well as get rid of them.

Metal Shed

Metal Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 33

The metal shed won’t corrode for a very long time because they are usually made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Metal is a durable substance that can resist a variety of weather conditions. The advantage of steel is that it resists fire, which is especially beneficial due to its low cost.

Therefore, metal sheds can be the finest choice when you intend to store flammable objects.

Firewood Storage

Firewood Storage
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 34

If you are using firewood to heat your house, you are aware of how crucial it is for the wood to remain dry, especially in regions with lower planting temperatures.

The firewood rack is a fantastic place to begin when it comes to securing your firewood. As the firewood has reached the appropriate season, you should carefully store it inside the shed to preserve it safe, dry, and ready for use.

Roofing Shingles

The roofing shingles ensure that your shed completely suits your house and gives the appearance of being a part of it.

Furthermore, using excellent shingles also means that you won’t have to think about leakage or the roof failing soon.

It is a good idea to replace your house shingles as well as the shingles on your shed roof at a similar time, as this will ensure that they age at a similar time and continue to look wonderful together.

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Wood Shed

Wooden Backyard Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 35

Wood is usually a long-lasting shed substance. It looks wonderful and is a wonderful option when you want to use the shed as a home office or a place for your children to play.

The wooden types of shed can resist the weather as well as prevent decay if built and maintained carefully. Moreover, you have the choice to add extra paint and design components to a wooden shed to better customize it.

Tool Shed

Tool Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 36

Every householder has instruments that they use to maintain the home but it might be difficult to identify where to place your tools if you don’t have space in a basement or a garage to store it.

Backyard sheds work well for this purpose and they will store your yard equipment and tools safely. In addition to having floor space, tool sheds usually contain a few shelves for storing tools, fasteners, and many other small items.

Sheet Metal Shed

Steel Metal Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 37

Sheet metal is generally used for commercial structures, and it is a fantastic choice for the house shed because it is not only affordable but also highly durable.

If you stay in a place that suffers extreme weather, this is a great option because it greatly reduces the chances that your roof will ever be damaged.

Large Shed

Large Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 38

By selecting a slightly bigger type of shed, you get a lot more storage capacity as well as the freedom to move around.

This is a crucial aspect to think about if you want to use your shed for working on equipment or potting plants. Some larger sheds can be used as a home office or as a personal area.

Extra Large Shed

Extra Large Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 39

All types of garden machinery, vehicles, toys, or excess stuff that don’t accommodate your house or garage are excellent options for storage in extra-large sheds. They are also suitable as a home office or creative area.

Medium Shed

Medium Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 40

The medium shed size is perfect for storing small garden equipment like riding lawn mowers which you need to store after usage but don’t wish to bury or make difficult to find. Choosing a medium-sized shed will allow you to store a few extra things.

Small Shed

Small Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 41

The smaller shed choice will be suitable if you only need a shed to keep a few random pieces of outdoor equipment or gardening tools.

These shelters are less expensive, take up a smaller space on your land, and are less noticeable to visitors.

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Cement Blocks Shed

It is a really simple types of shed with a base built by stacking cement bricks till you achieve the desired level. After that, it will be simple to place the shed on top of the cement blocks.

Concrete Pad

The concrete pad foundation performs well enough to support heavy types of sheds as well as it is suitable when you want to store your big machinery, car, and gardening machinery inside of heavy sheds.

This types of shed will have a permanent as well as a stable foundation; you will not be willing to relocate it in the long term.

Gravel Pad Shed

This shed foundation will only function properly if the area where your shed will be placed is completely level. It is crucial to create a barrier across the foundation to prevent the gravel from moving.

Concrete Piers Shed

Concrete piers are an excellent foundation for almost every size shed, even if they are more time-consuming to construct and durable.

To make piers, holes are drilled or excavated into the soil up to the frost line and the holes are then filled with concrete.

Garden Shed

It is crucial to be able to relax in peaceful surroundings in order to concentrate on your business strategy; many homeowners who require additional areas are creating high sheds on their lands in order to use them as workplaces.

Studio Shed

The studio sheds are a fashionable unique method for homeowners to build extra bedrooms, man caves, home workshops, as well as other recreational or useful areas. Studio sheds can be completely customized as well as used for almost any purpose.

Greenhouse Shed

The greenhouse is a considerably most advanced as well as useful variation of a conventional garden shed.

In order to ensure the growth of your plants, the greenhouses effectively preserve heat and moisture.

It is a suitable area for growing plants throughout the year which can’t be exposed to high temperatures.

Modern Shed

Modern Shed
Types of Sheds: 30 Different Sheds for Your Backyard 42

The modern shed features a simple, straightforward design. They are generally rectangular in shape as well as composed of metal or wood.

The majority of contemporary sheds include big doors and windows which allow inside lots of light, and some even contain skylights.

Storage Shed

One of the most common reasons for purchasing a shed is undoubtedly storage. The storage sheds vary in size, therefore create a list of everything you want to keep and talk with an expert.

To determine how much room you will require. Keep in mind the size of your own backyard as well as the available space for the shed.

She Shed

These sheds can serve a variety of uses, including as a house office, a leisure room, or even a relaxing area. Consider the purpose for which you will use the shed as well as the features you will require when selecting a shed.


The sheds are available in a wide range of designs, allowing for lots of storage space, amenities, work areas, and even more.

We really hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and you will use the details we have shared to help your selection.

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