Bay window Types and Design

What Are Bay Windows:Exploring Types, Modern Styles


In so many modern houses, a Bay Window is a considerable feature. An ancestor of the bay window was born when windows were placed in the projection rooms for lighting.

The bay windows expand outward from the structure’s wall, providing a nook as in the room’s interior.

There are many different types of bay windows as well as designs to choose from, and each one provides unique architectural interest to an otherwise uninteresting exterior.

The bay windows were much more common in residential construction throughout the Renaissance, however, it was during the Baroque era that they truly took off.

The bay windows, which protruded from the wall, achieved both of these goals by providing additional light into the inside and breaking up the outside facing using angled glass configurations.

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What Is Bay Windows?

What Are Bay Window | Types of Bay Windows | Modern Bay Windows | Bay Window Styles
What Are Bay Windows:Exploring Types, Modern Styles 8

The bay window is just a multi-panel window that extends beyond a building’s outside wall. The outward protrusion, which is stabilized by the sill height wall, generates a bay or even interior recess.

The internal angles around 90°, 135°, and 150° are the most frequent for bay windows, which are generally rectangular or polygonal.

The bay windows are a common element of Victorian domestic architecture, although they were first used in designs throughout the English Renaissance time to make a room look larger, provide greater views, also allow additional natural light than a window flush with a wall line.

A bay window’s inner recess can be utilized for storage by covering a lower portion, or as a window seat by adding cushions as well as different soft furnishings. It may also be utilized as a showcase area for decorative objects, plants, and so on.

Nevertheless, due to the greater surface area of glazing, the bay window may require more heating or cooling to maintain a suitable inside temperature.

The structural stability of the building foundations must also be considered since they should be able to support the projecting windows as well as the roof above.

The bay windows were revived in modern architecture and became a prominent element of a Chicago School.

The bay windows can now be found in many types of residential as well as commercial construction, and also apartment buildings.

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Types Of Bay Windows

There are a few different types of bay windows that are common in modern houses. Although bay windows have been approximately for over 500 years, they have still not changed much.

The varieties of bay windows featured haven’t altered all that much throughout the years.

While the materials and sizes of bay windows vary, the four most prevalent varieties of bay windows may be found in most houses today:

  1. Canted Bay Windows
  2. Box Bay Windows
  3. Oriel Windows
  4. Circle Bay Windows

Canted Bay Windows

The canted bay window is basically a traditional modern bay window. The bay window styles have a flat front with two angled sides.

These windows are only found on the first floor of residences or commercial structures; thus, they won’t be found on the second, third, or fourth levels.

Choose this option if you really require a large bay window on the first level that allows in a wide range of natural light.

A window’s front pane is flat and parallel to the house exterior, while a side slants out. There are at least three and generally four separate windows in a canted bay window.

After construction standards changed in the 1890s, windows no longer had to be flush with the home exterior, canted bay windows were popular on Victorian homes.

Box Bay Windows

What Are Bay Window | Types of Bay Windows | Modern Bay Windows | Bay Window Styles
What Are Bay Windows:Exploring Types, Modern Styles 9

Homeowners who wish to install a bay window select box-style bay windows. The box bay window is a variation of the conventional canted bay window. In contrast to the typical canted bay window, the box bay window contains multiple windows angled exactly 90 degrees, giving a “box” shape.

Three windowpanes with a little roof overhang make up the box bay windows. These kinds of windows are not categorized as “window replacement” procedures since they are built into the structure of a property.

Select box bay window if you desire the bay window within a sleeker, more modern bay window as well as are considering reconstruction.

The box bay windows are flat when viewed from the house exterior. The bay window appears to have been bumped out of the house siding.

This is a flexible bay window that may be used anywhere in the house. The box bay windows are considerably expensive to install than larger bay windows since they do not need moving walls.

Oriel Bay Windows

What Are Bay Window | Types of Bay Windows | Modern Bay Windows | Bay Window Styles
What Are Bay Windows:Exploring Types, Modern Styles 10

The most classic type of bay window style is the oriel window.

These windows are often placed over the entry to the building, about where a porch would be, they are not linked to the ground.

This is the style you choose if you want a more dramatic, attractive window or a bay window on the higher floor.

As these windows have a Gothic-style appearance, they may be acceptable for an older house.

The oriel bay windows are prominent because they have the potential for spectacular aesthetics, as they frequently feature beautiful wood, stone, or even other features along the bottom of the exterior. They can be constructed on every floor of the house or building.

Oriel bay windows are distinct from other types of bay windows in that they are almost usually placed just on the second floor.

Whenever you have a narrow, gloomy corridor on the second floor, the bay window oriel might bring much-needed natural light and open up the room.

Circle Bay Windows

What Are Bay Window | Types of Bay Windows | Modern Bay Windows | Bay Window Styles
What Are Bay Windows:Exploring Types, Modern Styles 11

The circle bay window is a modern take on the bow window, combining many windows into a smooth circular area.

During the Gothic era, the round bay window became trendy and is used in bedroom suites, master living rooms, as well as dining nooks.

Although circle bay windows are less frequent, they are distinctive enough to deserve their unique category.

They are characterized by larger panes of glass on three sides of a bay as well as extra panes just above the windows.

The most intricate moldings are typically found in circle bay windows.

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Bay Window Size

Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows which angle out beyond an exterior wall in a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape. Overall structure consists of a picture window with two other windows, usually smaller, on either side.

A bay window may be rectangular, polygonal, or arc-shaped [rounded]. If the last, it may be called a bow window. 

The Bay window standard size,

What Is Standard Window Size| Window Size Chart | Standard Window Height | Standard Window Width | Common Window Sizes
What Are Bay Windows:Exploring Types, Modern Styles 12

It does not have fix dimension, but its starting width is around 40″ and ranges up to 12 ft depending on the requirement. Its height is between 48″ to 60″.

Advantages Of Bay Window

The advantages of bay windows are as follows,

Allow Natural Light To Enter

Bay windows not only provide a beautiful panoramic view of an outside environment, but they also effectively invite the sun inside your house.

The bay windows are more effective than standard flat windows because of their angled design, which allows natural light to enter from many directions.

Exposure to natural light boosts productivity as well as comfort while also providing the mental and visual stimulation required to maintain a proper circadian rhythm.

As bay windows combine three windows into one, it allows more natural light into your house. An angled design of side windows allows for maximum daylighting because the light comes in from all directions.

Good Ventilation

Because they are a cluster of two or more windows, you may get a great breeze from two or various directions instead of just one.

Considering this characteristic, as well as the fresh, pure air that such windows can aid circulate throughout the space, it’s no surprise that they are a popular choice for homeowners.

Finally, because of its massive size, the bay window is one of the best window types for providing much-needed ventilation to your rooms. The central window, like such a picture window, is normally fixed, whereas the two side windows could be opened.


The bay windows are one fantastic feature of contemporary houses. One of the main reasons why so many people prefer bay windows is their versatility.

You may put it in your living room or kitchen, but your master bedroom is indeed a good option.

More Storage Space

The sitting area surrounding a bay window may be used as storage. For example, a sofa containing hidden compartments below may be used to store clothing, books, shoes, as well as other items.

If you examine the advantages of bay windows as well as the elegant appeal that can provide to your house, it is clear why they are such a good investment.

When it comes to specialized windows, bay windows are most effective because they provide more space as well as depth to your house.A bay window space protrudes from the wall, allowing you to have additional physical space.

A bay window area may be used as a pleasant lounge area, additional storage space, or a lovely reading nook with such a bookshelf.

Increased Home Value

The bay windows are a great way to increase the value of your property as well as attract interested buyers.

The shimmering glass adds to a room’s curb appeal, giving it look cleaner as well as more contemporary. The design gives the area an elegant appearance while also giving the feeling of more space.

The living room containing bay windows is frequently shown as additional living space, that can simply increase the value of your property.

Create A Cozy Reading Retreat

The bay windows provide a pleasant outlook which may enhance the attractiveness of any room. However, many people appreciate them not only for their aesthetics but also for their functionality.

We may put a seat or even a comfortable sofa beside your bay window as well as read while snuggled beneath a blanket with a nice book and a hot cup of coffee. To create the ideal home office environment, place the small table or desk at the front of a bay window.

Whatever situation appeals to you the most, one factor is certain: bay windows may assist you in creating a pleasant retreat for you, your family, or your colleagues.

Bay Windows Adding Style As well As Volume To Any Space

Due to their panoramic perspectives, elegance, as well as energy efficiency, bay windows are a desirable choice.

The bay windows are generally famous for their capacity to create a room look larger than it really. This function is extremely favorable if you live in a small home or in a congested area.

Disadvantages Of Bay Window

The disadvantages of bay windows are as follows,

Costs Money

The bay windows are more costly than other different types of windows. Furthermore, as they are more complicated to establish, it will initially expense the owner more money.

Conversely, installing new windows saves your money in the long term.

When a window breaks and has to be replaced, you may have to purchase the entire new window, broken windows may be expensive.

Nevertheless, a damaged window may be quickly avoided when these windows are appropriately installed as well as maintained.

Lack Of Privacy

Due to the obvious shape of these windows, covering them using window treatments is quite challenging.

It will also be hard to find curtains that match these unusually shaped windows, resulting in a lack of privacy.

Structural Issues

As usual, employing the best professionals for the task ensures that any project has a longer lifespan.

Here’s what can occur over time if the incorrect specialists are hired

Structurally Unbalanced

It is essential that the structure just above window be supported by at least two steel supports throughout the whole procedure during the first step.

Foundation Is Unsettled

Foundation is Unsettled: Before they begin, the appropriate installation professionals will check that your foundation is settled.

Inadequate Use Of Proper Materials

Whenever installers scrimp on utilizing strong, long-lasting materials throughout an installation process, the window, as well as your money, suffer.

When you choose the best professionals, you can safely assume that they will utilize the best quality materials in all of their projects.

Load Bearing Windows

The proper windows must be installed the first time. Many windows are load-bearing therefore require load-bearing strength. If you do not, you may suffer major structural damage over time. Or, even worse, a total collapse.

Too Much Sunlight

Not everybody enjoys being exposed to a large number of natural light. Many individuals are light sensitive as well as prefer a darker environment.

Additionally, if you select Bay windows with a low Energy Star rating and, worse, nothing at all, your house may get warmer throughout the summer season.

Difficult To Add A Window Treatment

The bay windows’ tight angles, as well as distinctive configurations, make it challenging to put and install hardware. To avoid harming a frame or compromising the appearance, you will need to employ a specialist.

Low-budget Options Are Risky

Whenever installing bay windows, it is necessary that the structure over them be properly supported.

The badly built bay window can have structural issues which will cause it to creak, leak, and sag. If this happens, you will need to buy a new window, which may be quite costly.


What Is Bay Windows?

The bay window is just a multi-panel window that extends beyond a building’s outside wall. The outward protrusion, which is stabilized by the sill height wall, generates a bay or even interior recess.

What are the type of bay window?

  • Canted Bay Windows
  • Oriel Bay Windows
  • Circle Bay Windows
  • Box Bay Windows
  • What are the advantage of the Bay window?

    More Storage Space
    Allow natural Light
    Good Ventilation
    Increase Home Value

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