Type of land Survey

Types of Land Survey

Before anything gets constructed, a land survey of the construction site is essential for measuring the topography factors and angle, determining the location of existing infrastructure, establishing the boundaries of your structure and slope of the land, and many more.

Land surveying is a method of gathering detailed information about land geography by taking observations, field measurements, or use of different surveying instruments, and data analysis for future planning, designing, and establishing property boundaries.

There are different types of land surveys serve specific purposes, including boundary surveys to determine property limits, topographic surveys to map natural and man-made features, ALTA/NSPS surveys for title insurance, cadastral surveys for taxation.

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Types of Land Survey

Learn about the various methods and techniques employed by land surveyors, and gain insights into the different types of land surveying.

Boundary Survey

A Boundary survey determines the boundaries of the property described in the deed document. It shows where the property begins and ends. If you need just basic information about your property a boundary survey will sufficient.

Boundary surveys are important for every type of property whether it is commercial or residential. People generally used this type of survey for settling neighbor property disputes or when they are selling or buying properties.

ALTA Survey

The ALTA or ACSM survey is a kind of boundary survey but it is more comprehensive. Its standard is set by the National Society of Professional Surveyors, which used to be the American Land Title Association.

 ALTA Survey
ALTA Survey

This is giving details on the extent of all the easements and encroachments and a property’s limitation as set by local or state regulation.

Topographic Survey

 Topographic Survey
Types of Land Survey 8

A topographic survey is focused on the land’s geographic characteristics. This is collecting all data on the elevation points, contour lines, Slopes, etc.

The purpose is to gather all details about the natural features and manmade features of the lands.

Construction Survey

Construction surveys are imperative for all construction projects, whether they are for highways, buildings, bridges, or roads.

This will establish all major features of the land surface that may impact the construction. During the surveying process, the surveyor will calculate the points on the site that can serve as a marker for guiding the construction of the new structure.

This survey layout the utility lines, large building sites networks of streets their position, and the alignment of highways and roadways as well as bridge.

Construction survey is important for any project since they can directly affect the deadline, design features, resource allocation, budget, etc.

Contour Survey

Contouring means determining the elevation of various points on the land and fixing the points of the same horizontal position in the contour map.

Contour Survey Map
Contour Survey

For identifying any noticeable difference in elevation of the existing land this map shows the valley, gentleness of slope or steepness of slope, and hill.

A contour survey is carried out at the initial stage of engineering projects like a canal, railways, buildings, Dam, and many more.

Layout & Demarcation Survey

 Layout & Demarcation Survey
Layout & Demarcation Survey

Construction Layout Survey means the measurements made to control elevation, horizontal position and dimensions, and configuration, prior to or while construction is in progress.

Demarkation is the method of locating surveyed or planning construction boundary points on the ground.

Site Survey

A site planning survey is a combination of a topography survey and a boundary survey. That is used for the preparation of a site plan and document and also represents the improvements of plot land.

Location Survey

The main goal of the location survey is to determine the property lines, buildings, and any other improvements (driveway, sidewalk, retaining walls, etc.) and how they relate to one another. 

All of this information and measurement is then established on a drawing, referred to as a Location Drawing, or sometimes a House Location Drawing. 

Subdivision Survey

A subdivision survey is the divided land into two or more lots, site for immediate or future sale or building development.

Mining Surveys 

 Mining Surveys 
Mining Surveys 

A mining survey is important for mine work on site. It produces a detailed plan of the mine as a whole and will update maps of the surface layout to account for new mining sites as well as survey the underground mine workings in order to keep a record of the mining operation.

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Why Get a Land Survey?

A land survey isn’t always required in a real estate transaction but it can be useful for solving any issues that might occur between the seller and buyer of the properties.

Resolve Boundary Issues

Boundary issues are a common reason why land surveys are conducted when there are disagreements over where one person’s property begins and ends.

It is important because every square meter can count when it comes to making money on a property as a seller.

Pinpoint plot price and Plot Size

Land Survey is able to know how big a plot size can help dictate the price of the property. As a result, it can be a great way to negotiate when it comes to buyers who want to try and bargain if the plot is smaller than what is being listed.

It can be a great advantage for individuals who are planning to buy properties.

Build a New Home

When you are building your own home then it is a good idea to conduct a land survey. It can help to find places where you can build the main structure or establish the location of drainage.

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