Types of Wood Cutting Tools

13 Types of Wood Cutting Tools and Their Uses

Tree Cutting tools are a very important part of arboriculture, which is the practice of cultivating and caring for trees.

These tools are used to cut, shape, and trim trees, as well as to process the wood from those trees. Various types of tree cutting tools include hand saws, chainsaws, pole saws, pruning shears, etc.

13 Types of Wood Cutting Tools

Let’s take a closer look at different types of tree cutting tools, their features, and their uses.

1. Chainsaw

Tree Cutting Tools

A chainsaw is a handheld motorized saw that is either powered by a gasoline or electric engine and is used to cut tree logs, branches, and other materials.

It is mainly used in forestry and landscaping. The chain saw is engineered to effectively cut through trees, hence making it a powerful tool.

The chainsaw has very sharp teeth that cut through the wood as the chain rotates. Chain saws come in all types and sizes, depending on their use case.

For example, a small electric chainsaw is good for pruning small branches, while a big gas-powered chainsaw is helpful for cutting down large logs.

Safety should always come first as a chainsaw’s fast-moving chain is a potentially dangerous thing, if not used correctly. That’s why it is advised to always wear protective gear, like safety glasses and work gloves while using a chainsaw.

Chainsaw is a versatile tool and is used in a variety of tasks related to cutting wood. It is a time-saving tool that can make cutting work easier and very efficient.

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2. Hand Saw

Tree Cutting Tools
Hand Saw

A traditional cutting tool that is powered by human muscle and can make precise cuts in wood, metal, and plastic also.

Hand Saw has a wide range of tasks, from rough framing to fine woodwork. Hand saws also come in different styles. Some of the very common types are:

3. Crosscut Saw

Tree Cutting Tools
Crosscut Saw

They make perpendicular cuts across the wood and are also known as carpenter’s saw

4. Rip Saws

Tree Cutting Tools
Rip Saw

Also known as a panel saw. It was invented to make parallel cuts along the wood logs.

5. Coping Saws

Tree Cutting Tools
Coping Saw

These are small saws that are used for crafting intricate cuts and performing detailed work.

In the end, with a little practice with hand saws, one can make precise and accurate cuts in a variety of materials. Once handled with proper care and usage it can last for a much longer time.

6. Pole Saw

Tree Cutting Tools
Pole Saw

A pole saw is such type of saw that is attached to the end of an extendable pole, assisting the user to cut high branches without the help of a ladder.

It is used to help users efficiently trim branches and maintains tree health. Pole saws come in manual and powered options.

Manual pole saws have a simple mechanism to move the chain around the blade, On the other hand, powered pole saws have electric powered motors to move the chain.

Electric pole saws are light in weight and are easy to handle, but have very less cutting capacity. Gas-powered pole saws are very powerful and heavier. Many of the pole saws have a detachable saw, that can be taken off the pole for using it on the ground level.

When using a pole saw, It is very important to be aware of the surroundings, such as avoiding the power lines and other potential hazards.

Regular cleaning and oiling of the chain keep the pole saw’s long life. In conclusion, a pole saw is a useful tool that can help to safely maintain the beauty of the trees.

7. An AXE

Tree Cutting Tools

Also known as a chopping axe, it is a tool used for cutting and chopping trees. It has a handle and a head, which is the blade of the tool.

The head is made up of metal and has one or more edges. The most common type of ax basically used for cutting trees is the felling ax.

It helps in chopping through the trunk of a tree and is heavier than other axes. The head of a felling ax is typically broader which allows more efficient cutting through thick tree trunks.

Using a proper technique to avoid injury is very important while using an ax. Always keep the blade sharp, and use a steady, swinging motion to chop through any kind of wood.

In general, hand ax tools are normally used for chopping small trees or bushes and for carving wood.

Using a manual hand ax tool is not a task to be taken lightly, it needs correct training and good physical condition.

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8. Wedge

Tree Cutting Tools

A wedge is used to split logs and large tree branches. Wedges are mostly made of metal and are designed to be pushed into the wood using a maul or other striking tool. They also come in many sizes depending on the size of the logs or branches to split.

The wedges work by crafting a narrow cut, into the wood, and then by using the weight of the wedge to split the wood along the groove.

Wedges have this famous “V” shape as a tool and offer good penetration potential into the wood and split them smoothly.

For a wedge, striking angle matters a lot and can cause it to get stuck in the wood. Beware of your surroundings when using wedges, as flying chips of wood can prove very dangerous.

Wedges are used on trees that are already cut down and later help in chopping to smaller pieces that are more manageable for transport.

Wedges are used in both households and commercial settings, especially for the firewood industry and tree cutting tool services. Overall, wedges can save time and effort compared to a traditional axe.

9. Hatchet

Tree Cutting Tools

A hatchet is also a small, lightweight tool that is used for dicing up wood. They have a single, sharp edge on the side of their head and a flat surface on the other side, which is used as hammers.

Hatchets are smaller than axes in size. One should hold the hatchet with one hand, and their fingers wrapped around the handle, at last, the hand swing motion chops the wood.

This is a great tool for camping and other outdoor activities, very easy to carry around in comparison to an ax.

Hatchet is very useful in making tent pegs and clearing small bushes or other general camp-related chores. One must use a sharp hatchet, as a dull hatchet is very dangerous and can get the tool stuck in the wood.

Essentially, a hatchet is a great tool for cutting tree logs and is an alternative to an ax. It’s crucial to use this tool following the manufacturer’s instructions, and must wear appropriate protective gear,

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10. Pruning Shears

Tree Cutting Tools
Pruning Shears

Pruning shears/Pruners or hand pruners are gardening tools used to cut tree branches and twigs of plants. They typically have sharp blades, that make clean cuts on the branches to about a half inch or 1.25 centimeters in diameter.

There are so many different types of pruning shears available in the market and has their own specific design and features. Some common types are listed below:

Bypass Pruners

Tree Cutting Tools
Bypass Pruners

They have two sharp blades just like scissors, to make clean and clear cuts.

Anvil Pruners

Tree Cutting Tools
Anvil Pruners

It has a single sharp blade that cuts against a flat surface, in a similar way to how a knife cuts a cutting board.

Ratchet Pruners

Tree Cutting Tools
Ratcheting Pruners

use a ratcheting mechanism to increase the cutting power of the blades, making them useful for cutting through thicker branches.

Hold a comfortable grip, keeping the blades clean and sharp, this helps in fine cuts at the right location on the branch of a tree.

It’s also important to know what type of plant is being pruned,  as plants require different pruning techniques.

Pruning shears have proven useful for shaping bushes, removing dead branches, Ultimately promoting fruit production, and even helping in rejuvenating an old shrub.

Pruning shears are very important for maintaining a well-shaped garden. It’s recommended to use these shears correctly with proper technique to avoid injury and protect the plants.

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11. Jigsaw

Tree Cutting Tools

A jigsaw is another powerful tool that is used for cutting wood, or metal such as steel. It is also known as a “saber saw”  and is identified by its reciprocating blade that moves up and down to make deep cuts. The blade is very flexible, allowing it to make detailed cuts.

The jigsaw can be utilized in a variety of projects such as cutting out patterns in the wood. It can also be used to carve circles and other shapes in wood or plastic.

Such saws are mainly used in the construction industry for cutting out holes in the walls, as well as for cutting out shapes in wooden roofing materials.

The jigsaw cutting tool is a relatively easy tool to operate when compared to others. They also come with an electric motor and allow variable speed control to adjust the speed of the blade in accordance with the material being cut.

12. Tree Loopers

Tree Cutting Tools
Tree Loppers

Tree loppers are instruments used in the cultivation and management of trees, to remove large branches and trees.

These are made up of steel or aluminum and consist of a loop with some built-in locking mechanism that is placed around a trunk. Once it is locked, then a rope is attached to the loop and the branch is pulled down in a controlled manner to cut down the branch.

Tree loppers are heavily used in professional tree cutting tools operations, and they allow arborists to safely remove large branches without using any climbing gear.

These are very beneficial in tidy and difficult-to-reach locations, such as near high power lines or buildings.

In the modern era the so-called urban forests, are also a result of tree loopers as they are very functional.

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13. Feller Buncher

Tree Cutting Tools
Feller Buncher

A feller buncher is a heavy-duty industry-level machine that is used to cut and gather trees. It is generally mounted on wheels and is equipped with a huge hydraulic arm that is used to cut and hold big trees.

The arm has a cutting head that cuts the tree at its base, and the grapple is used to hold the tree once it has been cut down.

The feller buncher is operated by a single operator/driver who controls this machine and the movement of its powerful arms.

This machine can cut and gather several trees at a time, based on the size of the machine and the operator’s skill.

They are designed to work in rough terrains, such as steep hills and forests. They come with a powerful engine to provide the necessary power and mobility.

They are also equipped with a deck for drivers to offer the operator a clear view of the cutting area and nearby areas.

Two Men Cross-cut Saw

Tree Cutting Tools
Two-Man Crosscut Saw

Renowned all over as a “two-man bucksaw”, I am a traditional hand-powered saw mainly used for cutting lumbers. It is about 6-8 feet long and has a wide blade with teeth on one side.

The saw is engineered to be operated by two people, where one person holds the handle on one end of the saw and the other person holds the handle from the other end.

They both work together to see through the log, as one person pushes the saw, in contrast, the other person pulls it. The blade is sharpened on one side, and the teeth are used to cut on the pull stroke.

This saw is a very efficient tool for cutting large logs, as it is quick and easily cuts large pieces of wood. However, The two-man crosscut saw is also pretty much a very physically demanding tool to use.

Both operators must have good physical strength and the ability to work in coordination to achieve an efficient cut.

The 2-man crosscut saw is being replaced by the chainsaw in most of the logging operations, but it is still used in some remote areas where chainsaws are not practical. In summary, the 2-man crosscut saw is an effective tool for cutting large logs.

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Tools Used for Gardening

Tree Cutting Tools
Tools Used for Gardening

Gardening tools help in maintaining a pretty and beautiful garden. Such tools are used to plant, cultivate, and take care of a variety of plants like flowers, vegetables, and even herbs.

There are a lot of different types of gardening tools, each designed for a specific task for instance -hand trowels, Rakes, and shovels.

Hand trowels are tiny tools that are used for transplanting small plants and their bulbs. On the other hand, Shovels are larger in size and are useful for digging holes. Rakes are used to level the soil, and also remove debris and leftover leaves.

A few other essential gardening tools like garden hoses and sprinklers are also well-known gardening equipment. Let it be a professional gardener or a hobbyist, it is better to have appropriate gardening tools for these jobs.

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