List of Office Equipments

Office Equipment List and Their Uses

Office equipment refers to the array of tools, devices, and machinery essential for smooth operations within a workplace. This category encompasses a diverse range of items, from basic necessities like computers, printers, telephones, and furniture to specialized equipment such as shredders, projectors, scanners, and copiers.

Efficiently chosen and maintained office equipment list can enhance productivity and workflow, enabling tasks to be completed with ease and accuracy. The modern office relies heavily on advanced technological equipment to streamline processes and facilitate communication, playing a pivotal role in the daily functioning and success of any organization.

Office Equipment List

Electronic Item

  • Computer
  • Cell phone
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Paper Shredder

Computer Accessories

  • Mouse
  • Key-board
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Headset
  • Router
  • Speaker
  • Surge protector
  • Mouse pad

Office Furniture

  • Desk
  • Office chair
  • Table
  • Sofa
  • Mini fridge
  • Mini Center table

Office design

  • Lighting
  • Floor lamp
  • Desk lamp
  • Wallpaper/wall art
  • Flooring
  • Rug

Office productive tools

  • Whiteboard
  • Book shell/ book storage
  • Filing cabinets
  • Paper tray

Office Supplies

  • Business card
  • Binders
  • Notepad
  • Papers
  • Envelop
  • Stamp and ink pad
  • Pens, markers, pencils,
  • Eraser, scale
  • Sharpener
  • Stapler
  • paperclips
  • Rubber band
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissor
  • Hole punch
  • Printer link

Computer and Electronic

Nowadays, Technology is everything and if you don’t have your office equipped with all of the latest technological requirements, you are bound to miss out on full office functionality. For Any Business Office equipment are essential.

1. Desktop Computer

Desktop Computer
Desktop Computer

This Desktop computer is the heart of every office and workspace, without a computer, there really is not any way for you to get some actual work done.

A laptop is very handy and powerful at the same time but the desktop computer is a fixed type of computer so it has issues with mobility from one workspace to another workspace.

Buy at least 4GB (Gigabytes) RAM of computer will support your multi-task activity while running multiple software applications, and a better choice would be 16 GB of RAM, SSD means (Solid State Drive) is preferable for those who want faster loading times for the operating system and other programs.

Additionally, look for models with larger hard drives that can hold all of the data you need unless you plan on storing your information remotely in the online cloud.

2. Cell Phone

A Cell phone is the most used communication device that replaces old devices like landlines or telephones, this phone is an absolute requirement if you are trying to get an actual office space and then function the right way.

3. Printer


A Printer is an electronic device that accepts graphic and text output from a computer and transfers the information to paper and generally to standard size 8.5” by 11” paper size.

Also, various type of printer is available according to speed, size, memory, cost, and sophistication; in general, if you can buy a more expensive printer then it gives high-resolution color printing.

In the local market, various types of printers are available like laser printers, 3D printers, Thermal printers, LED printers, Photo Printers, and Inkjet Printer.

4. Scanner


A scanner is an electronic device that is used for scanning documents and converting them into a digital format, also can create an electronic version of your family photos, business cards, documents, etc.

In the Indian local market, various type of scanner is available such as Epson Perfection V39 Scanner, Canon LIED 3000 Scanner; HP Sheet feeds desktop scanner and many more.

If you plan to purchase a scanner then several points to keep in mind such as resolution, software requirements, type of scanner, purpose, etc.

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5. Paper Shredder

Office Equipment List and Their Uses
Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder is a mechanical device that is used for cutting paper sheets and documents into either fine particles or strips, Businesses, private individuals, and Government organizations use shredders to destroy sensitive documents, financial information, personal files, etc.

Computer Accessories

6. Keyboard


A keyboard is one of the essential input devices which is used with a computer or laptop, it is similar to an electric typewriter a keyboard is composed of buttons used for creating numbers, letters, control keys, symbol keys, and scroll lock indicators to perform additional function keys.

Generally, keyboards use the QWERTY, but some used the DVORAK layout.

7. Mouse


The mouse is a movable, small device that controls a range of things on a computer, generally, the mouse has two buttons and also has a scroll button in between the two buttons.

Usually, a mouse connects to the computer with a cable/ wire and it uses the computer’s power for work, but now day’s people switch to wireless mouse it means they do not permanently connect to a computer with a cable, this wireless mouse either used batteries for a run or need recharging cable.

8. Webcam


A webcam is a type of camera that connects to a computer, or laptop and it captures pictures, motion video, and with the aid of software.

Today, a most webcam is either embedded in the top edge of a laptop computer display or connected to the computer USB or Firewire port.

9. Microphone

A microphone is an electronic device that translates sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals and scribes them to a recording medium or loudspeaker.

These microphones enable many types of audio recording devices for purposes including communication of many kinds as well as sound recording and music vocals and speech.

11. Headset


A headset is essential if you happen to be taking in calls, videos, attending meetings, and many more, also it is great as audio output and input device.

If you looking high-quality headset and make sure you opt for one with a USB jack they deliver far better audio compared to the outdated stereo jacks.

11. Router


The router is a device that connects two or more packet-switched sub-network and it serves two primary functions managing traffic between this network by forwarding data packets to their IP address and allowing multiple devices for using the same connection of internet.

Generally, different types of routers are available but mostly these two types of routers namely, LAN means Local area network and WANs means wide area network.

This LAN requires a single router and this LAN is a group of connected devices restricted to a specific geographic area.

This WAN is spared a large network out over a vast geographic area and it large organization and company.

12. Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is a thin flat rubber or plastic cushion of about 12 inches or less with a textured surface or plastic, this help to give better traction and more precise cursor movement for a mouse than a desktop.

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13. Surge Protector

Surge Protector
Surge Protector

A surge protector is a small device, that has two main functions, firstly it is used to provide the ability to plug multiple components into one single outlet, and secondly, it protects your electronic devices like Computer, Projector, or TV system from a high voltage power surge.

Office Furniture

14. Desk


A desk is essential furniture for an office and is available in various options like different sizes and shapes of desks, colors, and patterns so that you can choose according to your surface area and requirements.

If your work area is large then select a large-size desk and if your office work area is small then select a small or medium size desk. It is one of the essential office equipment for any business.

15. Standing Desk

Standing Desk
Standing Desk

A standing desk is also known as a stand-up desk and it is a desk that allows you to stand up comfortably while working many modern version is adjustable, so that you can change the height of the desk and alternate between standing and sitting.

16. Office chair

Office Equipment List and Their Uses
Office chair

An office chair is designed for use at a desk in an office, and it is generally adjustable and comfortable also you can swivel it up to 360degree and it has wheels.

In local markets, different types of chairs are available such as big and Tall Chairs, Ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs, conference chairs, petite chairs, petite chairs, stools, task chairs, and stacking chairs.

17. Sofa


An office sofa is a must-have piece of furniture for the reception area, cabins, and lobbies of higher officials; also it is different from our living room sofa.

This office sofa is sturdier and accurately designed and it has a smooth and soft texture.

18. Table

A table is also important furniture for an office, it is free-standing and does not require installation with component parts, for example, file cabinets, tables, lounge seating, computer desks, and desk table.

19. Mini-Fridge

Mini Fridge

The fridge is useful for putting cold beverages or snacks and food fresh in the office equipment could contribute to a good working environment.

So that mini fridge used for office also it occupied small space of your office.

20. Mini Center Table

Mini Center Table
Mini Center Table

A Mini Center table is a low profile table and it is different from a reception table, mainly it is used for placing decorative objects, small items, books, support of remote control, and placing magazines, newspapers, etc.

21. Lighting


Lighting is everything and if you do not have an ample amount of lighting then working can be very difficult.

A lot of office space out there comes with some type of ceiling lighting fixture by default but it is not always the best type of lighting suitable for work hours.

To enhance office lighting you can also add desk lamps, floor lamps, and other lighting fixtures.

22. Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp
Floor Lamps

This floor lamp is adding extra light to an office space, and also the floor lamp is great for increasing the amount of ambient lighting as well.

When selecting a floor lamp for your office pay attention to the size, style, material, etc.

23. Flooring


Flooring also plays a vital role in office furniture because it directly interacts with your office furniture and also it available in various colors, designs, and materials so that you can enable to create your desired office ambiance.

The best flooring for your office is practical, durable, easy to clean, comfortable, and inexpensive as well as amazing and welcoming.

For office flooring, various flooring option is available so that you can choose according to your requirement, and aesthetic office, and last and most important is a budget for example vinyl flooring, wood flooring, quarry tile, carpet, Luxury vinyl flooring, Terrazzo flooring, Laminate, Concrete finish and many more.

24. Wall Art

Wall art
Wall Art

Wall art is one of the essential items for decorating your office as well as giving some other benefits like changing plain walls into pattern walls, layer up material for walls, adding art to your office walls, etc.

25. Rugs


Office rug comes in many sizes, shapes, materials, styles, and designs to bring comfort, warmth, and needed acoustic control to your office.

Several benefits are there, insulating your office and stabilizing cooling and heating, minimizing echo and absorbing the sound from tile flooring, and many more.

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Office Productive Tools

26. Bookcase or Book shell

Bookcase or Book shell

They are not necessary but they are a great place to put your books, other reading materials, and manuals. they do not have to cost too much money either as bookcases.

Bookcases stack books on their sides, leaving space, some on their ends around them for creating a neat display and leaving room for accessories.

27. Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets
Filing Cabinets

Legal documents and accounting documents can be a real headache to file and have to deal with and some of them you would need for holding on to for a few years and not some of them properly can really ruin the aesthetics of your office equipment.

28. Paper Tray

Paper Tray
Paper Tray

The paper tray is useful office equipment if you have loose documents then you can store them in and it is very handy, also they can help you organize your desk.

Office Supplies

29. Business Cards

Business Cards
Business Cards

This business card represents your company, office, or shop’s brand not only does it convey important personal contact information such as name, logo, website, email id, Venue, Contact number, work description, etc.

30. Paper


If you need to print anything then obviously requires blank paper that you would need to have and look into customized letterheads well for some added branding.

Also, if you want to do something write it down then need paper and a pen, and those businesses involved with banking, law, insurance, property, broker, and that like still use a lot of snail mail, and if so that is something that is definitely a requirement.

31. Notepad


This notepad is a very handy tool, both digital and physical and it can definitely come in handy especially if you have important information which you need to quickly write down.

32. Binders


This stationary type of item is used for that time if you need to organize your document and store it alphabetically or in chronological order then it is a very useful tool.

33. Envelopes


If you want to mail anything out then you have some handy envelopes, and some boxes, and also have packing material for the bigger parcels.

34. Stamps


This office stamp is indicating whether an item is Approved, an original copy, or paid and also has different types of stamps available such as ink stamps, rubber stamps, wax stamps, notary stamps, pocket stamps, leather stamps, signature stamps, initial stamps, etc.

35. Pens, Pencils, Markers, and highlighter

Pens, Pencils, Markers, and highlighter

Nowadays, in an office, all work goes digitally but something written on a paper or document requires good quality pencils, pen and in a document, any important Para or any word highlight then need different colors highlighter that all stationary item put handy inside the computer.

36. Stapler


This stapler is a mechanical device that joins paper or any document kind of material by driving a thin metal staple through a paper and folding the ends, and the stapler is widely used in businesses, offices, homes, schools, and other working places.

37. Paper Clips

Paper Clip
Paper Clips

A paper clip is essential office equipment work is also used for holding a bunch of paper or sheets of paper together, generally, it is made up of steel material, plastic, and other metal material.

It has straight sides with oblong shapes but it may also be circular or triangular or have more elaborate shapes, recently it was available in multi-colored plastic paper clips.

38. Hole punch:

Hole Puncher
Hole punch

This Hole punch is an office tool that is used for creating holes in paper or sheets, and its main purpose is that collect a bunch of sheets of paper in a binder and then easy to filing it.

39. Printer Ink

Printer Ink
Printer Ink

LED Printer and Laser is used as a dry form of ink called toner and which is made up of tiny particles of pigment, when you print a document at the time printer use intense light to charge a spinning drum that attracts the toner particles in the image of the page.

40. Scissor


A scissor has a traditional blade straight blade which allows for cutting paper, fabric, and other types of material so it must have office equipment.

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41. Glue


Glue is used for sticking paper, objects, and other materials together because it has adhesive property in it, also where you can’t use a stapler or clip in that case you can use glue, for example, if you can paste or stick a passport photo in any document that time you simply use glue for sticking instead of the stapler, so that must have a good quality glue in your office equipment.

42. Rubber band

Office Equipment List and Their Uses
Rubber band

A rubber band is also known as an elastic band or gum band, and generally, it has an oval ring kind of shape and is mostly used for holding multiple objects together.

43. Tape


This tape is also known as stationary tape, usually, found in office equipment or homes for basic use, and also sometimes known as cellophane, cello tape, or sticky tape.

The main aim of tape is putting pages or documents together, sealing envelop, packing parcels, making crafts,, and other uses.

44. Eraser


An eraser is also called rubber and its main purpose is removing or rubbing out marks from paper and other documents also available in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

45. Sharpener


Its name suggests it is used for sharpening a pencil’s nib and the sharpener may be operated by an electric motor or manually so you must have a sharpener.

46. White Board

White Board

A whiteboard is used for visualizing concepts, and thoughts, explaining and tech something writing down ideas, important notes, and many more.

List of Office Equipment:

Type of Office EquipmentExamples
ComputersDesktops, laptops, tablets
PrintersLaser printers, inkjet printers, 3D printers
TelephonesDesk phones, mobile phones
FurnitureDesks, chairs, cabinets, conference tables
ShreddersPaper shredders, document shredders
ScannersFlatbed scanners, document scanners
CopiersPhotocopiers, multifunction copiers
ProjectorsMultimedia projectors, overhead projectors
Fax MachinesTraditional fax machines, multifunction printers
Conference Room EquipmentVideo conferencing systems, audio equipment
WhiteboardsDry-erase whiteboards, interactive whiteboards

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