Types of Architecture

Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture

Introduction To Architecture

Before we start Let’s discuss architecture first. So, What is Architecture? Architecture is the study of designing and building a variety of structures that are used to intersect both functional and visual requirements.

As we know, each culture has a different relationship with the natural surroundings and with the other ethnicities around them, the structures it builds show a great deal about its traditional practices, history, environment, artistic abilities, and so many other aspects of everyday life.

There are a great variety of architectures around us but we have segregated it into some major sections which are discussed below.

The world in which we live is surrounded by big skyscrapers and large complexes and we are always amazed by their might. We should always appreciate the amount of time and effort some builders or architects might have put into creating such an amazing structure.

They have to take care of the cost, and deadlines of the construction work, take care of the environment and provide security and safety to all the parties involved. The types of architects discussed below are just the tip of the iceberg. It is an ever-growing field and matches up well with modern advancements.

There are hundreds of firms and architectures which provide a great sense of pride to the city where it is built like the iconic empire state building in New York, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and many more.

Our history is also filled with such civil architecture attractions. Respectful mentions like The Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal in India always top the list.

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Types Of Architects

The following different types of architects,

1. Residential Architects

Residential architects near you deal with clients seeking their own customized houses designed. Residential buildings are becoming seemingly identical after the standardization that followed the industrial revolution in the past century.

If you want something customized, the architects know their job well.
Residential types of architects have followed the industrial revolution of the previous century.

Residential Architects
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 11

Although, some areas still enjoy the benefits of pretty modern residences, and here Residential Architects actually work. It deals with people who would like to have their own style of houses. They keep a note of clients’ regular requirements, then they begin to design the plans, area of the structure, and model of the space.

The projected costs of materials are always kept in mind for such projects. Good care and management of different types of materials are required for any residential project.

At the time of laying the foundation, the residential types of architects have to be clear in their mind about how the structure would look and should meet the owner’s expectations.

Constant communication between the client and the types of architects is mandatory to discuss changes in plans, modification of structure, and alteration in cost.

The Antilia, a recently built residential complex for one of the richest families in India, the Ambani family, is a very fine example of residential types of architect. It is a mix of both luxury and comfort and is considered the most expensive house in the world.

2. Commercial Architect

Commercial architects work in the design of buildings made for commercial, big firms, factories, retail, and for large institutions.

This covers places such as hospitals to corporate buildings to shopping complexes.
Such construction projects are usually complex and need the experts, experience, and mastery of a skilled professional.

Commercial Architect
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 12

A variety of people from engineers to electricians and plumbers work in synchronization to showcase the best possible outcome in the form of a marvelous structure that can hold a decent amount of visitors at a time.

Commercial types of architects are usually hired by big firms like Larsen and Toubro as they always have multiple projects going on here and there to fulfill the increasing demand for commercial buildings throughout the country.

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, every well-designed building functional varies according to the types of architects space that are being designed and that are required by the client.

A successful commercial design is highly dependent on a flowing and self-guiding circulation. This is ideal to optimize the experience for the building users.

The world has seen drastic growth in the commercial sector, as a result of which there is a lot of demand for commercial types of architects.

Many developing countries have seen a multifold increase in their commercial estate sector. India and China remain at the center of this commercial sector growth and have proven to be a multi-billion dollar industry.

One fine example of commercial types of architects is Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping complex in the world, with around 75 million visitors every year is an engineering marvel.

It holds many world records such as it is equipped with the world’s largest indoor stadium. There is space for around 15,000 cars in the parking lot and even has the largest Cineplex in the whole of the United Arab Emirates.

To end people are always stuck in Awe…whenever they visit this gigantic structure.

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3. Interior Designers Architect

The term that anyone from the general public is also aware of is “interior Designer” Their role is very crucial, but starts by giving correct and creative advice for the development and planning of interior design services for the commercial or housing sectors.

An interior designer can give initial design ideas and space planning artwork, and material specs, and also works with common trades to manage a project from start to end.

Interior Designers Architect
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 13

It includes duties like Giving feedback on the interior design of a building and proposing required changes. Making 2D or 3D interior design drawings, mood boards, and project graphics.

An interior designer brings life to the buildings with the use of his vision. The structure whose interior is designed by a designer gets the definition on the basis of his thoughts and color scheme in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Some of the famous interior designers include Nate Berkus, Bobby Berk, and Peter Amarion whose work is recognized worldwide.

4. Landscape Architects

Every landscape project architect investigates outdoor spaces like parks and gardens. Neighborhoods, campuses, and public spaces.

Landscape architects are experts in designing these spaces to be efficient, engaging, and harmonious with the environment, and they also choose the materials for the walkways, ensuring nothing proves to be harmful to nature.

Landscape Architects
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 14

Landscape types of architects are practice designing areas including outdoors & indoors of varying places that depict art, environment, architecture, and engineering.

Landscape architects are based on the basic design of places that creates and portrays life among the buildings.

The symbolic depiction of landscape architects may be seen in streets, roads, pathways, real estates, apartments, shopping areas, busy squares, and parks-gardens.

pocket areas, playgrounds, graveyards, museums, schools, universities, transport terminals, regional sanctuaries, national parks, forests, waterways, and across counties, cities, and countries.

Landscape types of architects often design master plans, structures, and policies for place and city planning to enable residents and governments to create better places to live in.

Frederik Law Olmsted, who is considered the father of American landscape architecture and famous for designing the iconic New York, Central Park is also an inspiration among landscape architects.

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5. Urban Designer Architect

Urban design is broad that involves specializations like building architecture, landscape design, and green design. This field deals with the scales of neighborhoods, districts, and cities. Urban designers and experts in grouping buildings, and designing nodes, paths, and street networks.

They face a wider range of issues that are directly linked to the economy, politics, and culture. The urban designer has buildings built for an urban region, generally for big or busy cities.

Urban Designer Architect
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 15

As a huge chunk of the world’s population is living in urban cities, urban architecture has become a crucial and ever-growing field of architecture. Thinking of this area of design, Urban planning is well thought of with the dynamics of city life, including large housing and workplaces with a modern energy-efficient design.

Skyscraping apartments and complexes are great examples of urban design. In a village setting, there is no need to build a multi Storey building that can deal with more than a thousand people.

Urban types of architects bring space and design concepts to allow a lot of people to live and work in the same complex. Because of this, the smart use of space is a highly important contributor to this style of design.

Situated in one of the emerging economies of the world, the Twin Tower of Malaysia is a great example of urban architecture. mThe towers are planned well keeping in mind the needs and growth projection in regard to the future to safeguard the concept of urban infrastructure planning.

The city of Kuala Lumpur is known worldwide for these magnificent twin towers as an epitome of modern infrastructure as well as well sought design.

6. Green Architect

Green architecture is a concept that says for building with keeping the environment in consideration by using sustainable sources of energy.

Efficiently reduce energy use, and modify existing buildings with the latest technology. Green architecture has a good impact on humankind by creating more nature-loving ways to protect this planet.

Green Architect
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 16

This type of architecture does not mean ignoring all the easy lifestyle comforts we enjoy in the 21st century. It highlights accepting new technologies that have become more and more effective. Green buildings nowadays are among the most beautiful works of city planning.

They take inspiration from the natural world and try to live with the environment, not win over it. It includes things like heating from the sun to make use of the sun in winter and shading from the sun in the summer. Large doors allow for ventilation allowing reducing the demand for traditional energy to maintain sustainability.

For example, the Bahrain world trade center is a building where on the top of the skyscrapers there are turbines installed to generate electricity to somewhat meet the energy requirements of the building.

One more instance of such a green building is shanghai tower where there is an outer covering of the plantation to help in better ventilation and side-by-side saving energy.

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7. Industrial Architect

Every industrial architecture is designed to be unique according to its functionality. These architects need a suitable envelope that aids the flow of the industrial process.

This is what an industrial architect specializes in – having a complete understanding of the variation in the different industrial processes, including design efficiency and functional assets.

Industrial Architect
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 17

Industrial types of architects is a study of architecture dealing with the design of structures for use in industrial use.

Examples are factories, power plants, refineries, warehouses, silos, and foundries. This architecture has a great past and has evolved over the centuries in adaptation to modern progress such as efficiency, environmental protection, and commutation development.

Even Though the industrial design may have many forms, some usual architectural features are:

  • Large open spaces
  • Under-developed structural materials (e.g. exposed steel/brick/concrete)
  • Brightly lit-up spaces
  • Works such as ductwork
  • Big electrical industries (for heavy equipment)
  • Loading/Unloading bays
  • Huge doorways
  • High elevated ceilings
  • Cargo shipment Elevators

There are various examples of industrial architecture and the historic Ford Car Assembly building in Richmond, California is well-known around the globe.

Once a major production house of cars for Ford is now a matter of study for many recognized industrial types of architects.

8. Restoration Architect

As the name suggests, Restoration architects typically do the work related to repairing and restoration of a building or a structure. In the past various places had been restored to maintain their grandeur and pride. We all have heard about the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Restoration Architect
Types of Architects: Exploring the Different Roles and Specializations in Architecture 18

This magnificent historic monument has also seen erosion and damage due to natural or man-made reasons, to curb this the tower is going through massive restoration work. So many restoration architects are working or have worked night and day to keep it intact with its history and its future.

While restoring such historic documents the types of architects must follow up with other important people involved. such as archeologists, Soil Engineers, Historians, and sometimes even poets who have metaphorically illustrated the structure’s image through their poems.

All this can help the restoration architects to design and build a better version of the building with all its history. To sum up, in any project related to civil engineers the architects are the most valuable asset. Their vision and experience aid the project from missing deadlines, increasing costs, and even failure of the project.

Different types of architects have helped many developing countries to meet the requirements of their collapsing infrastructure. Just look at the metro rail system situated in the capital of India, New Delhi. Managed by DMRC(Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) which started in the early 2000s is now counted as one of the best metro systems in the world.

Delhi metro has not only helped the infrastructure of this mega city from collapsing due to skyrocketing population but also it has become the lifeline for millions of commuters who travel through the metro to reach their destination.

All thanks to the types of Architects involved in such a massive metro rail project. Special mention to the mind behind the project, E Sreedharan.

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What are the different types of architects?

The following most popular types of architects,
1. Residential Architects
2. Restoration Architect
3. Industrial Architect
4. Green Architect
5. Urban designer
6. Landscape architects

What do you mean by Restoration Architect?

As the name suggests, Restoration architects typically do the work related to repairing and restoration of a building or a structure.

What is Classical Architecture?

Classical architecture refers to the architectural style that emerged in ancient Greece and Rome, known for its emphasis on proportion, harmony, and specific architectural elements.

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