What You Need To Have Before Moving Into A New House

What You Need To Have Before Moving Into A New House4 min read

Housing is a necessity but then Real Estate is after all a very expensive affair. Despite the high potential of personalization, building your own home can be very painstaking and time-consuming. Opting to move into an existing property or renting one is relatively convenient in comparison.

It’s advisable to seek the aid of a reputable real estate agency to help you find what you seek. This is especially significant if you are new in town and aren’t quite sure which neighborhood to move into.

Be sure to prioritize factors like ease of commute and utilities. Despite the recommendations, always perform thorough research of the neighborhood personally before finally sealing the deal.

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Now that you have found that perfect place for you, here are things you need to consider before moving in,

1. Transfer Your Utilities

Power, Gas, and Water are the absolute basic necessities for every home. Your new property might not be under the service radar of your old utility company – in which case you’ll need to apply afresh to your local service provider.

Do understand that even transferring your connection requires a fair bit of time to get processed post your application and hence best done in advance.

2. Thoroughly Review Your Moving Company’s Reputation

All your precious cargo is at the mercy of your moving company, and therefore it is critical that you employ a decent one. Check for reviews online regarding the legitimacy and service.

Review the terms and conditions thoroughly before making your advance payment, especially their liability in case of damage and loss to your items.

3. Take Photos Of All Your Valuable Items

Take photos of all your valuable items so that you have proof of their condition prior to them being handled by your moving company. This will help you claim damages or losses.

Label the boxes corresponding to what room the items within belong to. This saves a lot of time and hassle while unpacking them. Prioritize the essentials.

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4. Settle Things With Your Realtor

In case you have availed of the services of a real estate company, make sure that all payment terms and conditions that have been honored are complete prior to moving in.

Do make sure that all property documents provided to you are legitimate and are in order. You can ask a lawyer to review them for you. In case your realtor had promised you repair and maintenance work prior to you moving in, review them too.

5. Complete All Modifications And Maintenance Work

Complete all masonry, carpentry, plumbing, and painting work before moving in especially if you have children or old people to take care of.

These jobs involve generating a lot of dirt and noise which coupled with tons of unpacking can be extremely hectic for you. Children or old people may be less tolerant of things like the smell of paint. Also, there is always a chance of your kid handling anything dangerous like chemicals or work tools being used.

6. Notifying Authorities

Notify your bank, your health insurance company, magazine subscription, and other services regarding the change in address as these rely on postal communication.

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7. Things To Do In Case You Are Renting A Property

  • Go through the proposed tenancy agreement and check things like the frequency of payment of rent, the rate of increment of rent and also the frequency of the same, what the minimum lock-in period and security deposit are once you move in.
  • The minimum time limit to serve a notice for vacating the property should you need to move away or your tenant asks you to move out for some reason.
  • Get renters insurance – What it basically does is covers all your personal property from theft and damage. What is covered you ask?
  • From your furniture and appliances to expensive personal belongings such as your laptop, iPhone, or jewelry. This is especially relevant if you share a building with other tenants and you stay out most of the time.
  • In any case, paying a modest fee on renters insurance is well worth the peace of mind. Various plans are available so go ahead and choose one that offers you the best value.
  • In case you are living in a housing society do find out if they have any restrictions on having pets or should you need to pay an additional fee to avail the common facilities like the gym or tennis court? Your tenant may or may not cover this for you.

Moving is an exhausting process but sticking to these above points should make it a bit less so. Hope you have a decent moving experience!

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